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CMS-XML Dim 14: When promoting a baseline the Deployment Automation job remains submitted
Dimensions CM server has been configured to use Deployment Automation. DM.CFG has been configured DMPASSWD has been run to register the logins for the CM and DA logins
CMS-XML Dim14: Deploy: Is there a way to not allow Dimensions Deploy to create and/or delete directories within the deployment areas?
NOTE: If using this setting/variable, this will not allow for creating or deleting of directories when deployments are processed. In other words, you will want to make sure that all directories exist prior to running a deployment to these areas.
CMS-XML Dim 14.5.x : Occasional "User authentication failed" error during deployment
Occasionally, every few days, customer reports "User authentication failed" error during deployment . They can usually repeat the deployment successfully.
CMS-XML OBSOLETE: Dim 14 Accessing Web Client or Adminconsole returns: Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL
User is able to login to Web client and Admin console. However, when launching from desktop client deployment view of web client or build administration of admin console, the following error is returned:
CMS-XML Dim14: Rollback: NCL4501420E Error: Unable to remove directory "/dir1/dir2/utils" because it is not empty.
Performing a DMCLI command of AUDIT will assist in determining what files may be causing the issue. If you do not want the deployments or rollbacks to create or delete directories, this can be done by using the suppress_create_dir_areas.xml as described in our Knowledgebase Solution S141083.
CMS-XML Dim 14.4: regarding version of Visual C++ Redistributable to install with desktop client?
user wants to install Dimensions Desktop Client 14 .4 using an automatical software deployment script. For this it requires to use the msi of the installer and to install Visual C++ Redistributable manually (using script). Q1_ what is the version required for Visual C++ Redistributable?
CMS-XML DimCM: Deployments: Deployments are not working as expected
The sdp DMDEPLOYSRV log files show a warning of: deploysrv: DDeployServerAppImpl::dumpConfig: Database[1] = {dmsys, <>, SERVERNAME, CM_TYPICAL@ DIM 14 } deploysrv: DDeployServerAppImpl::dumpConfig: Warning: the above entry is incomplete, and the corresponding database will not be monitored.
CMS-XML DimCM: DMDBA: ACL4500285E Error: Connect failed to SERVERNAME (110) when running the upgradedeploy command in DMDBA
When running the upgradedeploy command in DMDBA to upgrade the deployment areas from an older version of Dimensions CM (prior to 12.x), the following errors can occur: SYSTEM> UPGRADEDEPLOY CM_TYPICAL@ DIM 14 -area QLARIUS_ DEPLOYMENT _AREA - Processing area 'QLARIUS_DEPLOYMENT_AREA'...
CMS-XML Dim CM: DMSCHEDULE and DMDEPLOYSRV not connecting because of LDAP errors
... had set up Dimensions with LDAP authentication ... ... to connect to Dimensions using the correct ... ... noticed that no deployments were being executed ... ... logs why the deployment wasn't working. ... _TYPICAL@ DIM 14 on host DIMENSIONS 14 in order to ... deploysrv: DDeployServiceLockImpl::acquire: Failed to lock database CM_TYPICAL@ DIM 14 on host DIMENSIONS 14 deploysrv: DDeployService::connectToDb: Failed to connect to database CM_TYPICAL@ DIM 14 on host DIMENSIONS 14 as user dmsys deploysrv: DDeployService::connectToDb: Database CM_TYPICAL@ DIM 14 will not be monitored.
PDF Serena Dimensions CM Installation Guide for UNIX
... Oracle SID of DIM 14 —enter a ... for example, DIM 14 R). ... 48 Serena® Dimensions ® CM ... Eclipse 76 Installing Dimensions Make 79 Using ...  Serena Deployment Automation (SDA) server that enables you to publish and deploy artifacts ...  Serena Deployment Automation page 71 Client Web client page 75 Eclipse integration Dimensions CM for Eclipse integration page 76 Dimensions Make Dimensions Make for UNIX page 79 50 Serena® Dimensions ® CM
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