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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Delete Item - COR0005378E Error: You do not have the role to delete Item
User has the delete item privilege but the item type LifeCycle(LC) only has $Originator role. It appeared that only the user that generated the item has the role for the first lifecycle transition.
CMS-XML Dim10: Delete Item - COR0005205E Error: Item <...> is used as an input to a build.
Scenario : 1) create an item 2) build it and capture the derived items
CMS-XML : when trying deleting some items, got the error "COR1905317E : the item must be rolled back from all areas at the initial stage prior deleting "
this occurs with Deployment Area upgraded from pre 12.1 and the items 've already been rolled back successfully
CMS-XML Dim10: COR4300079E Error: The item is the last non-checked out revision in this project occurs
1) do a check-out of my item called jm_test_2001.c to create the revision #3 2) in the workarea, delete the file issued from the check-out for revision #3 3) go to the workarea and run a synchronize
CMS-XML Dim10: COR4501498E Error: Cannot de-assign the last deployment area from this project because this project (and/or its subprojects) contain item revisions which had been deployed past the initial stage.
In several cases items were " deleted "/removed from the project, but were still in a progressed stage in deployment. In that case, it is necessary to track down those items in $Generic:$Global project and either deploy them back to the initial stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle or if they are test items, they can be deleted from Repository, to resolve this issue.
CMS-XML Dim 12.x / 14.x : not possible to browse an item from baseline view of desktop client, getting error : "Browse Item - COR7700246E You do not have the "Browse" (ITEM_BROWSE) privilege to perform this operation"
Whereas a Baseline is not really linked to a Project, the entry exists only in the history/pedigree records. Indeed, once the Baseline has been created the original Project or Stream could have been deleted and also the Items in a Baseline may not exist in the current Project which is why Dimensions has to use the Global Project to fetch the Baseline. Therefore the Baseline does not take roles from the Project, the same would apply actioning the Baseline.
CMS-XML DimCM: Error: COR7700243E The specified item revision is not in the project "QLARIUS:QLARIUS_MAIN"
Now, if needed you should be able to delete the item in Dimensions CM directly.
CMS-XML Dim CM: Error "VRS3202202E Path is not unique" when attempting to delete duplicate folder structure created by adding a new item
It was noticed after a user added a new item that the folder structure containing the item had completed duplicated an existing folder structure. The item was deleted and an attempt made to remove the duplicate folders but this generated the message "Must enter a valid object specification" follow by "VRS3202202E Path is not unique."
CMS-XML CM: VRS error when deleting item
6. VRS Error Delete Item - COR 5000128 E Error : Failed to aggregate changes to namespace <product:project> VRS4500079E Node property editor not present
CMS-XML Error when delete items from the repository in the web client 12.2.2.x Dimensions
COR 0005423 E Item "QLARIUS:0A41.A-SRC;1.0" is not in Project "QLARIUS:CIGÜENA
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