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CMS-XML DB2 questions regarding PDSPLAN1-PDSPLAN2 and DB2 option 7
1. Why and when does FDM-DB2 use PDSPLAN2 with (RR) repeatable read? 2. Will option 2 - edit table cause any performance issues for huge table? 3. Option 7 always shows inactive even if I can edit and save table.
CMS-XML Defects resolved in Sernet and ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 5
OCTCR46A57001 DB2 performance issue with CMNRLSCIM table processing OCTCR46A59007
CMS-XML Potential timing issue with backout of DB2 components, with respect to variable &REBPKG.
When a package containing DB2 components is frozen, the inclusion of the CMNDB2PL step in the backout JCL is based on the value of variable &REBPKG. If the package contains only "new" DB2 components, &REBPKG is set to NO and CMNDB2PL is not included in the JCL since there is no need to bind on backout. The setting of variable &REBPKG is further described in Solution 612, which is titled: "When does CMNDB2PL run?".
CMS-XML Issues in sample LDS2DB2 comments
In ZMF 6.1 and later releases we provide job LDS2 DB2 to optionally load DB2 tables from an extracted IA LDS. It has been noted that: 1) A spelling error "att" exists at line 14
CMS-XML COBOL Compile failure after the precompile step of a DB2 program causes CMNBATCH to issue an RC=12.
When the COBOL compile step for a DB2 program fails, CMNBAT90 has already run to create records to tie the DBRM relationship back to the source. When the COBOL compile step subsequently fails, the DBRM member does not get copied to the staging dataset, due to the bad condition code, as that step runs after the compile step. When The CMNBATCH / FAILURE step subsequently runs, RC=12 is issued due to the missing DBRM in the staging library and issues the following message:
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF55903: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: When using DB2, the Database type field in the About Windows is empty
KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF55903: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: When using DB2, the Database type field in the About Windows is empty
CMS-XML Issue specifying default DB2 subsystem in ZDDOPTS BUILD member
A customer is unable to define a default DB2 subsystem id (field name Db2 Subsystem) in the ZDDOPTS BUILD member that displays when a component is staged or built in ZMF4ECL. Regardless of specified value the field is always set to ‘blank’. The problem is not consistent and we have been unable to recreate it using homegrown data. However it can be reproduced using customer-supplied ZMF data.
CMS-XML Issues with DB2ADMIN.GBL_PHYS.* XML Services
A customer regularly switches their primary development ZMF instance to run on a different LPAR. When doing this they need to change the local Db2 subsystem that houses the associated Db2 admin definitions. They are attempting to automate the admin changes required to effect this move using the yellow DB2ADMIN.GBL_PHYS.*
CMS-XML V6.1.1B - Issue w/CMN37 transaction logged by DSPTM if ZMF has no DB2 Option
When ZMF license does not have DB2 Otion, the CMN37/CMN57 jobs not being created in the X-Node dataset. If during a package baseline process, the DSPTM step fails or ends with RC=4, a transaction is logged to the DELAY file. This transaction is being triggered when ZMF STC comes up, but since there is no CMN37 JCL available, the message comes up that this job failed.
CMS-XML Setting UDB/DB2 database parameters for DS installtion
Issue : How do I set the the number of DB2 UDB database parameters required by ChangeMan DS application..
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