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CMS-XML Dim12: DOWNLOAD: When running the DOWNLOAD command, an error of "MDA4502721 Error: Failed to open file "C:\Users\dmsys\Application Data\plcd\plcd.dmdb": CreateFile() failed with 32 (The process can not access the file because it is being used by another process.)
This file, plcd.dmdb, is related to the Personal library Cache Directory (PLCD) feature. Based upon the error message, it looks like one of the metadata files that get written to the PLCD location may have been in use .
CMS-XML How To Troubleshoot "in use by another user" errors in Version Manager (file in use by another user, project in use by another user)
" because it is in use by another user Could not access the project "ProjectName " because it is in use by another user
CMS-XML Problem: File in Use or Access Denied # of Retries, problem with NFS and locking.
permissions (because anyone can write things into it), and others that will not be using printing. ... the user use the -X option and not use the directory. ... The hclnfsd command (executed on the NFS File Server computer) creates a process which provides authentication of users for NFS activities and also provides the capability to print files on the Server machine to networked printers. When an NFS client prints a file and the client uses HCLNFSD it will send the print job in a raw binary format to the HCLNFSD
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Cannot delete oci: Access is denied. The source file may be in use
When Uninstalling The Runtime Oracle that can be supplied with Dimensions 8.x the above error message is sometimes encountered, even though the file is not in use and no services are active which may lock this file . This is a known Oracle Defect and is documented in Oracle Document Number 235427.1 as below. fact: Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition 9.2
CMS-XML VM: Version Manager cannot function under Windows unless the user has delete permissions in the Archive Repository
If Version Manager is unable to complete a check-out because it cannot rename the archive (due to lack of the Delete permission), it will mis-interpret the problem and return the (misleading) error message: ' Could not access file because it is in use by another user '. (Note - there can be other possible causes for this error message, for instance, if Version Manager is unable to create the semaphore.)
CMS-XML [Warning] The maximum number of open files allowed has been reached
After 5 update attempts, with every attempt reporting " Could not access file because it is in use by another user ", Version Manager will no longer be able modify any ACDB or login to any PDB until the affected VM instance is restarted. The attempts to update the ACDB could either be explicitly performed by an Administrator from the desktop client GUI (using Admin -> Security), or happen when auto-create users is enabled on a PDB and a new user is trying to login.
CMS-XML Get on split archive shows "Could not find a revision named * in the archive" if the target directory is not writable
Error: /unsplit.txt: Could not access file because it is in use by another user .
MS-WORD The Comprehensive Guide to Troubleshooting “in use” Errors
To verify a user’s permissions, create a simple text document in the directory, make changes to the file and delete it. When using the VM Web Client or using one of the other clients and accessing the data through the Version Manager File Server (feature available with VM 8.0 and later), the end user’s permissions are not used, but the owner of the VM Web Application Server process will be the user making changes to the files on the file system.
CMS-XML Get operation fails if the workfile directory is also mapped by a File Server
Error: EntityPath : Could not access file because it is in use by another user . Check-out <WorkfilePath
CMS-XML Cache file can be deleted while in use
Once a file is marked pending delete it can no longer be accessed . If the file contains unsaved changes, we can no longer upload those changes to the mainframe.
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