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CMS-XML Dim14: Deliver: VRS3202062E Name store state is inconsistent
Committing structure changes: 0.01 sec COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted. can occur.
CMS-XML DIM CM: VRS Global aggregation failed
COR3200227E Error: Structure change commit failed. COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.1: CM_Typical Process Model issue - Delivering modifications completes with error
you will receive the following error: - COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted PRG4501254E Error: cannot overwrite file
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Unable to remove item from Stream after deploying
During the deliver, the following error is occurring: COR3200180E Failed to remove item "QLARIUS:Filename.A-DAT;stream_main#1.1" from QLARIUS:MAIN-DEV at "src/files": The path does not exist COR3200304E Error: Failed to apply changes to stage DEVELOPMENT in project QLARIUS:MAIN. COR3200300E Error: Deployment change commit failed. COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted.
CMS-XML DM2009: Deliver of a large stream gives unusual error messages though delivery does succeed
COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted. However, upon checking the files that were delivered to the stream, it seemed everything was delivered without problem.
CMS-XML DIM CM: Error on attempt to deliver after eclipse project rename
Updating files: 0.121338 sec COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted. COR4502035E Error: Cannot rename File '.project' to 'D:\ECLIPSE5\smm-func-testren\.project'
CMS-XML DIMCM: Dimensions reporting errors during deliver operations on AIX Servers.
Committing structure changes: 0.00 sec COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted. This error occurs sporadically.
CMS-XML Deliver of a large set of files via Desktop Client errors out
COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted.
CMS-XML DIm CM 12.2: The use of --stream with the dm deliver command doesn't override default stream value
COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted ." After a little more investigation and an attempt to use the "dm getinfo" command it transpired that the user's default project had become set to $GENERIC:$GLOBAL so was indeed looking at the wrong place for the filename in general.
CMS-XML DIM CM: Ignoring new File 'file1.txt' because Project 'PROJECT' already contains an item revision with filename 'file1.txt'
Committing structure changes: less than 1 microsecond COR3200234E Error: Delivery aborted. The same works fine in 14.3.3
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