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CMS-XML The SBM Composer is using an old label when deploying
The SBM Composer is using an old label when deploying
CMS-XML Unable to select whether or not to verify endpoints on deploy from Composer
When deploying from Application Repository, there is an option labeled "Verify endpoints" that can be set in the deploy dialogue box, but that option does not exist when deploying from Composer and it uses whatever you had set the last time you deployed from Application Repository. If that option needs to be changed, a deploy from Application Repository must be performed to change the option.
CMS-XML Renaming a data table does not modify the existing deployed home page label
Renaming the labels of an already deployed primary table in Composer does not modify the home page title in the browser UI after being deployed . It will still use the old label in the title.
CMS-XML Unable to set text style and size on Field Labels at deploy
If the ProcessApp is then opened in Composer and the settings changed manually, then a re-deploy will resolve the issue. A re-deploy from Composer without any modification may also resolve the problem in or 11.0.
CMS-XML In certain specific cases, all dependencies set in composer may become disabled after deploy
5. Click "Get Mashup from Application Engine" 6. Specify label as needed 7. Click OK so that application is retrieved from Application Engine and checkin to mashup repository.
CMS-XML Version number not incrementing and causing " The given label has already been assigned to one or more of the design elements" error on deploy
If that does not load due to it getting timed out, the increment does not happen which will result in the above error. The timeout occurs without presenting any error or warning to the user. Increasing the timeout setting in the Composer Options -> Repository tab allows the information to load so that the increment can take place, resolving the error.
CMS-XML New Note field causes error in Event Viewer every time the form is loaded. processing tag JSONDATAFROMFIELDUUID
Resource Msg Id = IDS_F2_MSG_TAGDATANOTFOUND 2205f613-c41e-4f62-849d-792a9df98aa0 not found when processing tag JSONDATAFROMFIELDUUID The only way to avoid this error when the form loads is to remove it from the form in Composer and deploy
CMS-XML After upgrade to 11.4 opening a labeled version of a process app throws errors: Attempt to resolve label ... failed. ... The design element could not be retrieved from the Repository.
Unfortunately there is no workaround to be able to open a version by label. Meanwhile if you need to get an emergency fix into an environment whilst you have ongoing development you will need to export the relevant version from the Application Repository, import the file into Composer and publish and deploy .
CMS-XML When remove privilege from a role in Composer, change does not promote with the snapshot
2) Under Environments, open the environment to which the promote did not remove the privilege (Production in the example above). 3) On the Deployed Process Apps tab, take note of the version number and label of the process app. 4) Under Process Apps, select the process app, and click Open.
PDF Best Practices for Concurrent Development with SBM 10.x
SBM Composer supports patching a production system while continuing development of a process app through the use of a patch context based on the labeled version of the process app that was deployed to production. When operating in a patch context, repository commands such as check-out, check-in, and get latest all apply against the patch context label. For example, the get latest will get the latest design elements that have been checked in to the patch context.
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