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CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Under Configuration | Environment Settings | Notification Settings, verify that the Notification Queue Server Name is correct. Do not use "localhost", even if the MSMQ is on the same server as Mariner/Agile.
CMS-XML Delayed notification not working in SBM11.3.1
In case if customer have queue of escalated notification events, new Undelayed notification event may never processed
CMS-XML Getting "remote computer not available" error in notification log for Mariner.
Verify the Queue is already setup in the Microsoft Message Queue . An example of a Queue path running on the same computer as Mariner might look like this "private$\mariner"
CMS-XML Inefficient handling of deleted users in Notification Subscription mechanism since 11.4
The log excerpt below shows a long delays (40 mins+) in processing of notifications. INFO 12-09-2018 09:43:00 [ Notifications ] -- Notification 'Incident submitted to investigation Queue ' being sent on Tbl:ItemId 1620:1381 for recipient with userid = 96 INFO 12-09-2018 09:43:00 [Notifications] -- Added event 29362915, Tbl:ItemId 1620:1381, to events table for notification 'Incident submitted to investigation Queue' for recipient with userid = 96
CMS-XML Notifications won't fire and oledb provider doesn't work with Data Services
2. Choose the Web Server, Administration and also choose the Data Services option. 3. Now setup the Notification server and queue name etc and make a notification fire. 4. You won't be able to get the notification to work, if you stop the Notification Service you should at least see a message go to the Queue but you won't.
CMS-XML Adabas-natural following comparex job execution, entry for job placed in queue
CMS-XML How are event notifications sent (email and internal notification)?
When an event does happen, it adds a message to the message queue (configured under Environment Settings | Notification Settings). The Pacific Edge Notification Processor service monitors the message queue . When it detects a message, it pulls the notification out and checks to see if any users are subscribed to that event rule.
CMS-XML How to timesheet notifications work?
The Pacific Edge Scheduler service starts the report job (called "Notification Master") as configured on the Scheduled Jobs screen. This puts a "time to check timesheet notifications " message in the message queue . Then, the Pacific Edge Notification Processor service sees the message, checks for users who are subscribed to timesheet notifications, and sends the notifications.
CMS-XML DimCM 14.4.0 Patch 22a: Server Only: Request notification does not open request in web client
DEF316872: When delegating a request and selecting the 'assign' button, the client hangs DEF313553: Max UID in columns in table JOB_ QUEUE - PRES_LOG_ITEM_UID and PRES_LOG_WSET_UID contain invalid values DEF312013: ORA-00001: unique constraint (SA.VRS_2_PIC_PK) violated running CRB
TEXT dmemail-options.txt
dmemail utility =============== intro ===== A utility to turn queued notification events held in the Dimensions database, into physical emails. It merges "variable data" from the event record into an email body template, to create the final email. Basic HTML email templates are supplied for the system events.
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