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CMS-XML Errors creating Normal backward transitions in GSL
The transition stage1:stage2 will be split Press OK again to create the transition or press Cancel This is misleading since stage1 --> stage2 transition is NOT being split.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF110643: Removed all transitions from GSL and now it is not possible to add any (DEF110643)
KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF110643: Removed all transitions from GSL and now it is not possible to add any (DEF110643)
CMS-XML DIM CM: Steps:merant.adm.exception.AdmRuntimeException when deleting GSL stage
The workaround is to delete the transitions involving the corresponding stage in the list below the GSL image.
CMS-XML Cannot delete explicit privilege that's assigned to a specific GSL sstage
Cannot delete explicit privilege that's assigned to a specific GSL sstage
CMS-XML An item revision, unrelated to refactoring request, is removed from deployment area when request is promoted
An item revision was removed from project, and a request was associated with this refactoring. Subsequently this refactoring request was promoted through the GSL lifecycle, which is by design, in order to remove same revision from deployment areas. HOwever, another item revision, not related to this refactoring request, was removed from deployment areas.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF108713: Issue Fixed in Dimensions 10.1.1: Cant assign deploy areas for all stages in the GSL
Tried to remove all areas and assign them through the admin console. Everything looks correct in the admin console and user can see that all the areas are assigned to the project but when user looks in the desktop client the area assigned to the GSL is not shown.
CMS-XML Dim12: Mail: Unable to delete users subscribed to mail notification of Promote of an Item when project is deleted
Subscribing users to the Promote of an Item Mail Event which is assigned to a specific project and GSL lifecycle. In turn, if the assgined project is deleted and the users remain subscribed to the Mail Event and a delete can not be performed. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
CMS-XML After deleting a project or workset, cannot reuse the project name because of hidden data in Dimensions database
At a later time, if there is a need to create a new project or workset using the same name as the one that has previously been deleted there may be an error message indicating a conflict with the "hidden" project. Hidden projects have the same name as the one being created but the hidden projects have a suffix appended. The suffix is a hyphen (or dash) followed by the short abbreviated name of the Global Stage Lifecycle ( GSL ) name, such as UT, DEV, ST, etc.
CMS-XML : when trying deleting some items, got the error "COR1905317E : the item must be rolled back from all areas at the initial stage prior deleting "
1. Remove item from project with specified request (RIWS item_rev1 /CHANGE_DOC_IDS=(Req1)) 2. Deploy Req1 at initial stage to specified areas (SDPRQ Req1 /AREA_LIST=()) 3. Promote Req1 to the end of GSL with deployment to specified areas (PMRQ Req1 /STAGE="" /AREA_LIST=())
HTML Serena® Dimensions® CM 10.1.2 Release Notes
4.1 Administration Console 126828: It was not possible to changing an existing attribute update rule's "Required when actioned to state" checkbox. 127630: Creating stage names which began with a common prefix in the Global Stage Lifecycle caused problems in deployment. 110643: When the user had removed all the stages and transitions from the Global Stage Lifecycle it was not subsequently possible to add any.
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