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CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Copy & paste of design part spec from desktop client to Synchronize design part field gives error
2) run the Synchronizer, and in the Design Part field paste the Design Part value you copied in step 1; 3) continue the Synchronize, and the following error message will be displayed: - Failed: 2241- Error : Could not find any Design Part with spec PAYROLL:USER DOCUMENTATION.A;1, COR0005344E Error : Design Part "PAYROLL:USER DOCUMENTATION.A;1", does not exist
CMS-XML Failed to create the item in the Design part when its name includes a at sign or comma
<p> COR0005344E Error : Design Part QLARIUS:TEST.; does not exist </p>
CMS-XML DIM10: Creating new request for another product then the current project
It is then not possible to unrelate the request from this design part due to error "PCC0004609 E Request product TEST is not the same as affected part product QLARIUS"
CMS-XML Dim10: It's possible to create Part with '.' (dot) in name which causes problems later on
2241-Error: Could not find any Design Part with spec PROD:PROD.TESTER.TESTCOMWRAPPER (BLT).AAAA;1 COR0005344E Error : Design Part PROD:PROD.TESTER.TESTCOMWRAPPER (BLT).AAAA;1 does not exist at com.serena.j2.dimensions.implversion8.DesignpartImpl.createItem(
CMS-XML Dim2009: Find in Files 1386-Error: You do not have the 'Update Files from Project/Stream (PROJECT_DOWNLOAD) privilege to perform the operation
field blank Select design part . Expected Result
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Reported Defect DEF105025: Error: Item is not in project :
1. Create an empty project/workset 2. Go to design part view and select a part that has an associated baseline 3. Open the baseline in a new window (rightclick - Open New Window)
CMS-XML DIM10: 1386-Error: You do not have the 'Create' (BASELINE_CREATE) privilege to perform this operation
1. Assign role to user that allows him to create a baseline - assign this role to a sub-design part 2. Create a new project and assign a sub-default- design part to the project 3. Create an item in this project
CMS-XML Dim CM 10.1.3: Items created in the wrong design part when using Visual Basic 6
5) In VB6 add an item to the existing (or a new VB6) project using the design part DP_B.
CMS-XML Dim: When logging into desktop client or open a project get error: PCM0005174E Error: Part_id in :.; is missing
<variant> is replaced with the default variant for your design parts . Usually "A" or possibly "AAAA"
CMS-XML Dim: AdminConsole: Error AUR: A user has already been assigned as primary to role DEVELOPER, design-part QLARIUS, variant A, and Project NULL
When adding a user to a role as a primary or leader capability, the following error may be received: Error AUR: A user has already been assigned as primary to role DEVELOPER, design-part QLARIUS, variant A, and Project NULL
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