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CMS-XML Dim10: COR4500146E Error: Item type : does not exist
When creating items in certain products, users receive an error of COR4500146E error item type <product>: does not exist.
CMS-XML DIM10: COR4500146E Error: Item type : does not exist
In the Desktop client when you create a new item and you drag and drop the design part into the design part field and then try to select a item type you get the follow error message, COR4500146E Error: Item type :<item type> does not exist. When this is done in the Desktop client, it adds a : (colon) on the front of the item type name and can't find it.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Defect Reported: error COR4500146E item type does not exist
In Desktop client 1-file-new- item 2-find a design part
CMS-XML Dim CM COR3200183E Failed to rename item from to in : The source path does not exist
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2.02: Eclipse / share project: COR0005191E error - Format ECL-12901600920 is not allowed for Item type EGL:PROJECT
COR0005191E Error: Format ECL-12901600920 is not allowed for Item type EGL:PROJECT This is in spite of the fact that ECL is already related to item type PROJECT. This functionality worked in version 10.1.3.
CMS-XML Dim CM 2009 R2: Check-in - Error message "COR0005185E Error: You have not checked out Item"
item -spec ... variant - item - type ; revision ... variant may be omitted if only one exists . revision may be omitted if you have checked out only one revision of this item . ... If the checked-out revision is not the latest, Dimensions issues this message : COR 0005185 E Error: You have not checked out Item The customer is not expecting this message to be displayed regardless of which revision is checked in.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: COR0005212E A revision of this Item is currently checked out. Multiple checkouts are not allowed in Project .
... For all Project types defined Option 3 ... For Item types Allow parallel check ... Check Out Item - 2254-Error: Item <Item ID ... Also, ensure the customer is not selecting a revision in status $TO_BE_DEFINED. ... The status $TO_BE_DEFINED means the revision is checked out and has not been returned yet. It still needs to be checked in to Dimensions to exist . ... You are not allowed to perform an extract item citing the revision that is already extracted (in state $TO_BE_DEFINED).
CMS-XML DimCM: Error: COR7700243E The specified item revision is not in the project "QLARIUS:QLARIUS_MAIN"
... directories need to exist prior to running ... ... 5. Then type the following in ... ... 2. The item in the project ... ... properties of the item . If it is determined that the problem is due to special characters and/or extra spaces at the end of the item name, the following will rename the item id and then allow the deletion: ... RENAME / ITEM ="QLARIUS: ITEM NAME WITH SPACES AT END OF NAME .A-DOC;1.0" /NEW_ID="QLARIUS: ITEM NAME WITH SPACES AT END OF NAME MODIFIED"
CMS-XML Dim CM: A new revision is created when Item Type option 8 is enabled but where no metadata exists
- Make sure option 8 is enabled for an item type and that the option to write metadata in the Desktop Client is disabled. - Create an item from a file in a previously uncontrolled directory i. e . not previously used as a workarea and keep a copy of the file in the directory - Immediately after the creation of the item perform a revised item operation using the same file.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Delete Item - COR0005378E Error: You do not have the role to delete Item
User has the delete item privilege but the item type LifeCycle(LC) only has $Originator role. It appeared that only the user that generated the item has the role for the first lifecycle transition.
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