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CMS-XML HLLX: dataLocked has no effect in CKOT0002
CMN1031A - This function relies on local exits which are currently unavailable . If problem persists contact Admin.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 Messages
CMN1031A HLLX is inactive | This function relies on local exits which are currently unavailable . If problem persists contact Admin.
CMS-XML Unable to delete packages in monitor function
CMN1031A HLLX is inactive. This function relies on local exits which are currently unavailable .
CMS-XML How to alter the FROM parameter of CMN 50 report to -1 of the current date when running the cmn50 job.
CMS-XML VM - Error during installation - VM is currently running - if you continue without exiting VM ...
Also check the network permissions to the installation directory of the user running the install. They must have permissions to overwrite the existing files.
CMS-XML V8.1.0 – Issue with Stage from Development function for existing components
is displayed, but the language & procedure are left blank and the user still needs to select this information from the subsequent selection list panels. This was not the situation in ZMF V7. The history information was brought forward for the existing components during Stage from Development function.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: DEF80688 Fixed in Dimensions 9.1.3 Patch: Dimensions process dies after running (x) times DMCLI EXIT
Running the DMCLI EXIT command in a LOOP will cause Dimensions process not to respond after a short period of time This will vary from 4 minutes to few days depending on the delay set between the two commands When the user tries to connect it says ...Error No such feature .....
CMS-XML HLLX: Provide CMNSTG20 post-function exit in stage as well as checkout
Also, the 8.1.1 HLLX Getting Started Guide currently states that a pre-checkout confirm delete request exit exists (CKOT00DL). There is no such exit point available.
CMS-XML When running reports from PPM, get Out of Memory error (System.OutOfMemoryException)
In this case, the processing is done on the Application Server. This will cause slower performance. However, depending on the available memory on the Report Server and the Application Server, this could also be the best available option.
CMS-XML Asynch orch failures leave the JMS record and the orch is unexpectedly and automatically re-run many times.
java:/XAConnectionFactory Those attributes will look like this now . <attribute name="FactoryRef">java:/XAConnectionFactory</attribute>
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