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CMS-XML CMN$$PRM - comment associated with matching )SEL and )ENDSEL do not match
CMN$$PRM - comment associated with matching )SEL and )ENDSEL do not match
CMS-XML CMN$$CLN incorrectly tries to cleanup shadow libraries during a remote promote using skel CMNRPMCR.
In 5.5, a promote using either CMN$$PRM or CMN $$RPM, will use CMN $$CLN to cleanup prior promotion environments. CMN$$CLN will also cleanup shadow libraries along with the promotion datasets for prior promotions. This is fine for local promote, but a true remote promote (via CMNRPMCR) does not have shadow libraries on the remote lpar.
CMS-XML Promotion cleanup job is incorrectly submitted by the CMN25 job, for the DP site.
When promotion cleanup is submitted for a 'DP site', it is incorrectly submitted by the CMN25 job. This causes a problem for DB2 programs, when the CMN$$PRM is used for promotion / demotion ( a.k.a. promotion cleanup), because the BASELINE libraries are concatenated at the bottom, in the DB2 bind processing. When the CMN25 job submits the cleanup job, the cleanup binds 'can' occur 'before' the baseline libraries have been updated.
CMS-XML The "CMPONENT_LIST_PRM_HIST" XML service does not recognize IMS component names, which contain "hex" characters.
(2) Fully promote CHER000337 to the LOCAL promo site/ LOCLVL1 promo level. NOTE: CMNIMPRM procedure (not CMN$$PRM ) should be used during the promotion. (3) Verify that all of the corresponding FMT components were promoted:
CMS-XML **BETA**...SKEL CMNIMPRM at demotion does not clean up promo libs.
BETA site is reporting that promotion libs are not being cleaned up during demotion. When they use CMN$$PRM instead of CMNIMPRM the cleanup takes place correctly. In comparing the 2 skels, the following code is missing from CMNIMPRM:
CMS-XML Table GNDSCTBL not available at package promote/demote
Error occurred during file tailoring RC 8 from TBOPEN, CMN$$PRM record-8 CMN8703I - DEMO003010 File Tailoring service failed
CMS-XML Variable &SLBPLVL in table SYSLIBTB does not contain the promotion level
Other variable such as &SLBSITE, &SLBPNME and &SLBLTYP display correctly. If you add the following lines of code to skeleton CMN$$PRM ... )DOT SYSLIBTB
CMS-XML #VARLIST issues (missing &CLUPLVL and incorrect &DBRSTG variable definitions)
b) the &DBRSTG variable is documented as only available in Freeze skels but is also used elsewhere in other functions (e.g. in promotion skel CMN$$PRM ).
CMS-XML Variables NTSTPRE, NTBINDF, and NTTRIGM are not set correctly during promotion in 5.5.1.
The value for each, during promotion, is NO, which will cause unexpected behavior if you have set them to YES in the DB2 Logical Subsystem definition (A.A.O.2.1). These variables affect processing in promotion skels CMN $$PST, CMN $$PRB, CMN$$PRM , CMN $$RPB, CMN $$SPB, CMNIMPRM, CMN $$PSQ, and CMN $$RSQ. This error occurs only in 5.5.1.
CMS-XML ZMF Promotion Deployment Tasks incorrectly being marked as COMPLETE
The problem was reported against RLC 6.2.1 and has been recreated on RLC 6.2.5. The problem affects ZMF local (e.g. skel CMN$$PRM ) and remote ( CMN $$RPM) promotion models and any solution must cater for both.
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