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CMS-XML Mismatching )SEL-)ENDSEL comment in skel CMN$$PRB
Mismatching )SEL-)ENDSEL comment in skel CMN$$PRB
CMS-XML The ")IM CMN$$PRB" is not correctly placed within CMNIMPRM skeleton.
The ")IM CMN$$PRB " is not correctly placed within CMNIMPRM skeleton.
CMS-XML CMN7034A Staged DBRM(WES2915) is not referenced by any plans
The root of the problem was that the PKG libtype was not defined as a promotable libtype. This caused the variable &PKGSTG to be set to NO during promotion. Because &PKGSTG=NO, none of the expected ddnames were being included in the promotion JCL. JCL comments were added to the CMN$$PRB skeleton to determine this. Below is the select logic that revealed the problem.
CMS-XML CMNDB2PL fails incorrectly with CMN7034A error when MEM is used as an abbreviation for MEMBER
IGNORENODBRM can be found in the following skels... CMN$$PRB CMN$$RPB
CMS-XML Inconsistent SKEL change
The following occurs in CMN$$PRB and CMN $$RPB: 000056 )CM 000057 )CM UNCOMMENT "USEDB2PACKAGE" TO CHECK SYSIBM.SYSPACKAGE;
In the CMN££PRB skel it call the following table RPMLIBTB, however if you try and manipulate the STGDEFA variable contained in the table it is always returns a BLANK value when it should be D.
CMS-XML DEF254944: ENQLIB in CMNDB2PL execution JCL
In 7.1.3, we corrected a problem where the ENQLIB DD statement in the CMNDB2PL execution JCL would never have been generated. This ENQLIB statement in CMN££PRB and CMN ££RPB ensures single threading
CMS-XML Area demote failing to set DB2 flags appropriately
When using the ERO area demote functionality, the DB2 flags being passed to the demotion ISPF skeletons are not being set correctly. Variable &REBPKG appears to be consistently set to ‘N’ and the expected tables required to process the DB2 skels (e.g. table CMNDB2SS in skel CMN$$PRB ) are not being created/populated. Also, the &PROMFUN variable value tends to vary between DEMOTE and SELDEMO regardless of what is set on panel CMNRMPSC, but that may well be by design.
CMS-XML REBIND variable is not set correctly during file tailoring of demote JCL
The following logic in CMN$$PRB is supposed to exclude "new" DB2 components, thus eliminating them from processing during a demote. )SEL &TYPERUN EQ DEMOTE AND &REBIND EQ Y MBR=&CMPNAME
CMS-XML CMNDB2PL hangs when the TRACE parm is uncommented
Create a package and stage a DB2 program. Modify CMN$$PRB and uncomment the TRACE parm contained in the CMNPLCTL input section. //CMNPLCTL DD *
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