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CMS-XML Assorted variables missing from #VARLIST
A customer has pointed out that the following ISPF skeleton variables are not documented in the supplied #VARLIST member: CMN$$AUD - ARSPARM CMN$$DEL - PROMDS
Make the following change in SORT 30 step in SKEL CMN$$AUD : From MODS E15=(CMNADE15,1024),E35=(CMNADE35,1024) To MODS E15=(CMNADE15,1024,,N),E35=(CMNADE35,1024,,N)
CMS-XML What’s New in ChangeMan ZMF 8.2 Patch 4
CMN $$PSQ ... CMN $$RSQ ... CMN $$SQL ... ... in REXX Reports CMN 400 and CMN 400E Have ... CMN 400 CMN 400E ... change makes the CMN 400 and CMN 400E reports ... ... Long, and Sort Commands on Online ... ... Long, and Sort commands on the CMN$$AUD CMNDFHJL CMN 00INS CMN $$HKP CMNDFHJS CMN 30 CMN $$PCP CMNDFHWL CMN 30I CMN $$RBD CMNDFHWS CMN 37 ... CMNBAQD2 CMNJAR CMN 55 CMNBAQIP CMNJAVA CMN 55I ... CMNBAQJL CMNRPMB0 CMN 57
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF Patch Release 5.6.3 Readme File Last Updated on 30 April 2009
16.5 Number of BUNs Has Increased ... .SKELS( CMN $$AST ... ... files are subsequently sorted into the correct ... ... stops after the sort operations, and ... ... must allocate the sorted files to the ... If you have licensed the DB2 Option, the sorted sequential files are passed to subsequent DB2 LOADIT1 and LOADIT2 steps, which load the data from the sequential files into the appropriate DB2 tables. ... There is no specific processing for ERO in CMN $$AST as there was in previous releases. ... CMNZMF.SKELS( CMN$$AUD )
... items together when sorted alphabetically. ... library type is AUD , but customers ... ... Creating the Global AUD Library Type AUD is the recommended ... ... ''' AUD Audit Reports_ ... ... LIBRARY TYPE: AUD - Audit Reports ... ... Customizing Exits for AUD Library Management ... ensure that the AUD library type is ... ... to bypass the AUD library type during ... ... type eq ' AUD ', bypass ... ... to bypass the AUD library type during ... ... , XAM, AUD , SAM * ... ... library type is AUD ? ... indicate that the AUD library type should ... ... ' library type AUD * end of ...
CMS-XML Package list help panel sort issues (CMN93810)
----------- ------------ ----------------- . AUD A Descending . BPACKAGE B Ascending .
CMS-XML New Variable URC in CMN$$AUD
New Variable URC in CMN$$AUD
CMS-XML Imbed for skeleton CMN$$SPR commented out in skeleton CMN$$AUD
Imbed for skeleton CMN $$SPR commented out in skeleton CMN$$AUD
CMS-XML CMN$$AST skel is missing COND on SORT and LOG defaults are inconsistent.
The COND code check is missing from the SORT step. This will cause big problems for non-DB2 customers.
CMS-XML Unable to sort on field 'CHANGED' on panel CMN3DSA1 - get 'Invalid sort key'
Unable to sort on the field ‘CHANGED’ in panel CMN3DSA1 (SKELETON MAINTENANCE OPTIONS). If you try you get the short message ‘Invalid sort key’ and the long message ‘The name 'STGDTE' is not a column name of this table.’
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