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CMS-XML An email with a smiley is not processed by the E-mail Recorder
There are errors like this in the ns.log: ERROR 25-01-2023 13:54:00 [MailClient] -- Failed to attach note to item 10331:1044 WSFault message is: Broken surrogate pair : first char 0xd83d, second 0x20; illegal combination Incoming message subject was RE: ABC Project [ttid: 1234,12345]
CMS-XML VM I-Net: Java 7 Update 21 and Java 6 Update 45 break ability to use Diff/Merge tool from path with space
\LOCALS~1\Temp\dvr3m11.tmp'. Attempts to address this issue by wrapping the executalbe path in a pair of double quotes does not work and will yielded the following error in the Diff/Merge dialog: , Executable name has embedded quote, split the arguments
CMS-XML Import keypairs failed with Password cannot be empty
When importing the zip key pair on "Secure SBM" tab in SBM Configurator, you might get the following error if the configuration file is not complete:
CMS-XML Changes in aewebservices71 web services after 10.1.3 cause applications to fail
When an item has extended fields, the API used to return a blank object with blank name/value pairs . However, after upgrading to 10.1.3, the calls return a null object. Now all API apps need to be re-written to look for null instead of blank.
CMS-XML Dim 14.x: Messages "write, WriteFile failed with 232, The pipe is being closed" and "Failed to send message to upgrade server process"
A user noticed frequent pairing of error messages appearing in the Windows Application Event log such as: DMPOOL 2015/10/30 12:00:27 E P3972 T4020 CDimProcessImpl::write, WriteFile failed with 232, The pipe is being closed DMPOOL 2015/10/30 12:00:27 E P3972 T4020 USC/write: Failed to send message to upgrade server process (pid 268)
CMS-XML VM: READDB fails to handle spaces in access lists names
This issue was fixed in VM 8.6 by having READDB place a pair of double quotes around values that can contain spaces.
CMS-XML Restarting Serena Business Mashups fails after the import of a language XML file
Looking at the folder c:\Program Files\Serena\Business Mashups\Application Engine\bin\resourcetmp\TTResourcePackage\ the administrator will notice a subfolder and within pairs of .txt and .res files. One or more .txt
CMS-XML Multiple requests to detach and attach the impact analysis dataspace (IADS) eventually fail
In order to allow the dynamic reload of data into the Impact Analysis Dataspace (IADS) using the LDSLOAD job, customers can dynamically detach and re-attach the IADS to the active ZMF Server using modify commands. The first pair of detach (F task,CMN,DETACH,IADS
CMS-XML MCLG: Edit MIME type gives error " Failed modifying MIME-type. Unknown error occured"
Option 2. Try to delete the custom MIME-type that is causing the error, then create a new MIME-type/Asset-type pair . If you had created assets in the past that used this custom mime type you will get an error "MIME-type is in use, failed to delete". In that case Option 3 should be used.
CMS-XML Scheduler Job running script shows 'FAILED' but has been executed. After some days it may even stop running
Shell.Outputs().push_back( Pair ("success", "true"));
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