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CMS-XML SBM Hotfix 10 - DEF266125 - Response to Email Approval gets "Session has expired" message when auto logout is enabled
When responding to an Email Approval, the user will get a session expired message when auto logout is enabled. If Serena Single Sign-On is enabled, the user will not notice an issue if they are signed on to SBM , but if they are not signed on, the will get this message.
CMS-XML Auto Logout while actively using SBM
This setting controls the length of time for which an issued SSO token is valid. It is not related to browser session inactivity. You may set this value to a value that works for you, though, we caution setting it to 24 hours our some large number.
CMS-XML Email Approvals gets session has expired message when auto logout is enabled
This has been resolved in SBM We have issued hotfix 10 for SBM
CMS-XML Default Logout Page and SSO Double Logon with SBM
This is usually only an issue when the user gets logged out of SBM automatically . SBM has an exit page url that often defaults to "tmtrack.dll?". When this happens, SBM sees that there is no SSO token present and initiates the gatekeeper which sends the user to the logon page. At this time, the logon session has started.
CMS-XML SBM and PVCS Version Manager RIDE Integration issue: IDE system folder is missing after SBM upgrade
Go into the SBM System Administrator, under Options > Settings. On the Database tab, in the section called User Profile Options, check the option for "Allow Auto Folder Items", and save the change. When the user logs out and back in, the " Auto Folder Items" option will be available on the User Settings screen (in the Display section).
CMS-XML Auto height issue with embedded listing reports using Chrome.
CMS-XML Reimport an existing option set changes all item id's to (AUTO).
SBM 10.1
CMS-XML Adding Item ID to an auxiliary table after it has been deployed and entries added does not auto-populate the field for existing items
CMS-XML TT66: Reported Defect DEF111913: Searching on a Multi Relational Field now automatically selects the 1st value: Issue fixed in TT661
SBM 2008 R1
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 3: Ability to turn on/off the automatic Audit Monitoring purge (workaround for DEF320998)
Known issues in this hotfix: None To unzip and install the hotfix:
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