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CMS-XML What problems can occur when you run audit against an out-of-date Impact Analysis file?
Analysis data contains a relationship that has been subsequently broken , an invalid SYNCH16 could be returned from audit.
CMS-XML Audit Failure, DB Query Start Time Not Set
Audit Failure occurred in file : 'D:/TeamTrack/Source/Db/CacheMgr.cpp', line 298. The following request from user '' at address '' has been active since 11/29/2005 2:18:20 AM:
CMS-XML Audit file tailoring fails using XML Services, when &CPYCNT value is required.
Audit file tailoring fails using XML Services, when &CPYCNT value is required.
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x 14.x : audit reports out of stage "Disk read error / msg:8 Failed to open file"
audit of an z/os area returns this out of stage case : Item details: =============
CMS-XML File tailoring and audit do not recognize failed SYSLIB processing
However, this invalid response is ignored in both build job file tailoring and audit processing. Typically the submitted build JCL will fail with a problem around SYSLIB processing. E.g.:
CMS-XML Potential memory leaks causing REST interface tomcat task to hang audit job submission
A customer has been testing their upgrade to 8.2 Patch 3. Suddenly and unexpectedly all attempts to run audit against ZMF packages resulted in the file tailoring (e.g. CMNsADSP) tasks hanging . They had to restart both their ZMF Server and their REST API Tomcat started tasks to resolve the issue.
CMS-XML Aud20 step is failing with a B37 on a SORTIN file
The fix from DEF78375 ended up causing the B37 on a SORTIN file in the Audit job. However there is no DD for a SORTIN file. This happens to be an internal sort.
CMS-XML Deploys fail or timeout: System endpoint assets keep growing in size and slow down the server
1. Create a mashup with orchestrations.. 2. Deploy the mashup a few times to an environment. 3. Open the environment and check the " Audit Log" tab, you will see that the system endpoints keep being modified after each deployment..
CMS-XML Crystal Page Server stops responding when calling a report through the WCS
Event 1: "An error occurred when calling DLL <drive>:\Program Files \Seagate Software\WCS\cilogger.dll Audit /Error"
CMS-XML SBM Hotfix 5 - DEF252001 - Attaching certain binary files to an SBM item causes IIS to use 100% CPU for a long time and appear hung using 10.1.3 or
using different threads similar to the following at the time: Audit Failure occurred in file : 'CacheMgr.cpp', line 536.
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