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CMS-XML Providing locally installed help for Application Repository, Work Center, and Application Administrator
As of SBM 10.1.5, the Application Repository help links direct you to the Doc Center ( This also applies to the help links in Serena Work Center. For customers that cannot access the help server, but still need access to the Application Repository and Work Center help, the help can be installed locally.
CMS-XML Locales set up in Work Center are not honoured in the Application Repository
Locales set up in Work Center are not honoured in the Application Repository
CMS-XML The Application Repository uses host name for the runtime URL
When SBM is setup in a clustered setup , the environment in AR shows the runtime URL using the node (or host) name in the Runtime URL instead of the DNS name specified in the URL entered for gsoap. As long as the HTTP port without SSL is open on IIS or the node name is included in the subject alternative name extension of the SSL certificate, there should not be any issue. If you are using SSL only and the node name is not specified in the SSL certificate then complete the work around below.
CMS-XML Application Repository does not send user to exit page URL when logging out
This issue affects authentication setups such as SSO+IWA, IIS IWA, SSO CAC authentication. If the user clicks the Exit button, they get returned to the SSO login page which logs them back in automatically. The User Workspace handles this by sending the user to the Exit URL as defined in the SBM System Administrator > Settings > Database tab > Exit URL
CMS-XML "Application Repository !Unable to load relation "import". Method not allowed (405) when importing SSM / SRC solutions
This can occur if SBM is setup to Use IIS to proxy all connections and the WebDav component is installed .
CMS-XML Application Repository receives Method Not Allowed (405) error when proxied through IIS
: SBM 11.x is setup to "Use IIS to proxy all requests". This means that we get to the repository by going through the IIS port 80/443. NOTE: This proxy setup can also be acheived manually without Configurator pre-SBM 11.
CMS-XML High CPU on database for Application Repository at midnight and also when selecting to purge the "Audit History log"
This job is related to the Real Time monitoring feature which allows you to setup thresholds and receive email notifications if you have too many assets eligible for purge. This job checks the amount of data that is ready to purge.
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
This document assumes a simple setup where all of the SBM components are installed on one staging server and one production server. It also assumes that there are two databases (one used for production and one used for QA/staging). If your configuration is more complex, you can use this as a guide but you may have additional steps to perform.
CMS-XML Get Internal Server Error (500) when logging into the Application Repository.
Both of these errors indicate some kind of communication problem with JBoss and the database server. In this case the MSSQL server was setup to only accept SSL communication which doesn't cause a problem for the Application Engine database since it uses ODBC and is able to negotiate SSL connections automatically but did become a problem for the other databases that communicate via JDBC like the Repository , Common Log and Orchestration Engine databases. If this appears to be the case in your situation look at this KB S139719 doc for steps on how to remedy.
PDF SBM Application Repository Guide
• You can set HTTP Basic on the endpoint or explicitly in an orchestration. If both are set, the endpoint configuration overrides the orchestration setup .
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