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CMS-XML Get "Another import process is running" when trying to re-run a failed import.
"Another import process is running " Run this query and you should only get one record back. SELECT *
CMS-XML Application Administrator leaving locked imports so no others can be run
Error: An import process is already running This has occurred with LDAP, DATA and Users and occurs because there is a locked record left in the TS_TRACEWORKS table.
CMS-XML ENH: Need a way to automate the export and import of application processes and component versions to a second SRA Server
For example, if there are two groups (i.e. Dev and Ops) that each need to operate their own SRA server but using the same application processes and component versions, there should be a way to keep these two servers in sync. To help bridge this gap between the two server, we need a way to automate an export/import of the application processes and component versions from one SRA to the second SRA server.
CMS-XML SDA: Replication import with component process step run global process fails
Importing a replication export from a SDA 5.1.6 system to 6.1.2 fails with the error "Process Import Failed: Process with name = 123456 already exists<!-- -->" The problem happens when the 5.1.6 export contains a component process step "Run Global Process" and the global process used has the same name as a Global Process in SDA 6.1.2
CMS-XML Scheduled LDAP imports stop working or run at the wrong time
1. Why it stop working? Some LDAP cron events are locked and never unlocked back because of exception in process of handling events. 2. Why it run at wrong time?
CMS-XML Migration console fails to run twice the same PVCS import
the first migration may fail for some reason (ex: incorrect baseline choice in the migration settings), then when the migration process is run twice on the same target project, then the second time it fails and does not import item revisions into Dimensions. workaround : when the folder %programdata%\Serena\MigrationConsole is deleted, a migration can be run twice successfully (after deleting the baseline and the items in Dimensions of course)
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator: Error: Failed to run utility to import replication log.
Rerun the replication process . If the error persists,
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Replicator: Error: Failed to run utility to import baseline.
Rerun the replication process . If the error persists,
CMS-XML SSM not synchronizing a PDS during execution of a weekly Export Import/Apply process
Customer has identified a PDS that should have been updated weekly by Fingerprinting, Change Basket Extract/Export, followed by a Change Basket Import/Apply process, but it appears that it was not updated. The customer runs this process weekly, and it is not getting any errors, and has not been updated since 12/2007. Please let us know how to proceed?
CMS-XML Import process locked
If an import fails in the Application Administrator then the import process is not released and an error message is received telling the user the Process is still in use and therefore locked. The user can not run the import process again until the system is restarted.<\p>>
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