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CMS-XML Can not mention user in rich text field
Can not mention user in rich text field
CMS-XML DA 6.3.3 : Does "Deployment Automation User Login" support Windows 2016 Active Directory?
There is no specific statement anywhere that mentions this. However one of the authentication methods supported in DA is via the LDAP protocol and Windows 2016 Active Directory should be compatible with this.
CMS-XML TRK: After applying Service Pack, user doubles clicks on SCR and GUI closes down with no error shown.
This error will occur if the service pack has been applied to an incorrect release of Tracker. Ensure that there is a correct base install of Tracker as mentioned in the Service Pack install instructions. For example: Service Pack 4 requires Tracker 7.0.15 to be installed.
CMS-XML Only peadmin account can see the "Manage Users" screen even if you are in the administrators group.
This usually happens after upgrading from the 6.2 release of Mariner and you haven't got a new license key from Serena installed. If that's the case create a case with Serena support and mention that you recently upgraded and need a new license key generated.
CMS-XML RUNFOR parm starts shutting down ZMF task five minutes prior to the designated time with no mention of Grace period until actual shutdown happens
ZMF task begins terminating SSV address space, HLL address space, closing IA and closing VSAM files five minutes before the RUNFOR time is reached. ZMF task remains up for five more minutes, but users cannot logon. When RUNFOR time is reached the following messages are displayed and task shuts down immediately:
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: I have deleted my database but when I list the users the user is still there.
select * from all_users query and find that the user is still listed then you must remove the user manaually, this is mentioned earlier in the tech bulitins howeve I have again given the syntax for this below. sqlplus system/<password>
CMS-XML User with a space in ID gets "Error: Unknown user or group" trying to change project via Web Client.
We tried giving this privilege to the user, but then we still cannot switch project. A message is received that the user does not exist - but that message mentions the user without space in the name (for example "SURENDRAK" in above example).
CMS-XML Dim10: Project specification on role assignment hides user in delegation candidate and Users/Roles list
When the role is a role on a request, if a project is specified in the assignment of the role, that user disappears in the desktop client from the delegation dialogs and the show users and roles lists. (Both dialogs, the delegate dialog and the delegate step in the action wizard). Any user with such a role and role assignment will disappear from the mentionned lists and dialog boxes.
CMS-XML user receives a message indicating 'No Content, No Results Found For The Query' when results area available
Now, click the Run button. 3) The results should be the list mentioned in item 1 above. .instead, the user receives a message indicating 'No Content, No Results Found For The Query' that had previously returned results.
CMS-XML About: : VMINET 6.X : Troubleshooting webserver/user loads
One precaution should be mentioned with this approach. When Cisco?s LocalDirector is used in combination with IIS for session-aware load balancing in a Web farm, it is important to make sure that the sticky interval for the router matches or exceeds the timeout interval for the Session object. By default, the Session object timeout is set to 20 minutes.
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