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CMS-XML S50D-20 abend with Invalid License
S 50D -20 abend with Invalid License
CMS-XML Intermittent S50D-1C abends executing CMNSSIDN
Intermittent S 50D -1C abends executing CMNSSIDN
CMS-XML Getting S50D-1C in CMNMBRLS in V7.1.3.01
Getting S 50D -1C in CMNMBRLS in V7.1.3.01
CMS-XML Started task 0C7 in CMNXMQRY+2B0 or +2D0
A: 928A26A8 B: 0000D000 C: 149A5000 D : 149A 50D 8 E: 00000000 F: 00000000
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Rexec does not remove temporary files on our Unix server
Each time you perform a rexec against a unix server, Dimensions creates a temporary file /tmp/'' (eg: ptd 50d How can I force Dimensions to clean up /tmp after each rexec ? Answer : Not currently possible.
CMS-XML Various abends at CMNDSPTM+440 opening SYSIN when RESTAGE points to dataset
If the CMNDSPTM RESTAGE DD statement is pointed to a physical dataset rather than a SYSOUT file, attempts by CMNDSPTM to open the SYSIN file after the RESTAGE file fail with either a S 50D -1C or a S0C4-10 at CMNDSPTM+440. CMNDSPTM is sharing various parameter lists and control blocks for both OPEN requests so it appears that opening RESTAGE as a permanent file corrupts one or more of those required for the subsequent open of SYSIN.
CMS-XML S0C4 in ADSP file tailoring when Skels use IF-THEN-ELSE logic
NAME=UNKNOWN DATA AT PSW 086EE634 - 000E5E 50 D 2444950 300447 D 0 AR/GR 0: 00FA8900/000FCFFC 1: 00000000/00032E20
CMS-XML Batch DB2 job gets s0c4 abend with upgrade to IOO
771 NAME=DSNJU003 771 DATA AT PSW 0004687E - 600C 50D 0 200418 D 2 58802008 771 GR 0: 00480305 1: 0120146F
CMS-XML Unexplained S0C1 on ZMF server started task
910 NAME=UNKNOWN 910 DATA AT PSW 07969 D 52 - B503B505 B507B509 B 50 BB 50D 910 GR 0: 4F5F175B 1: 7FF7A728
A: 00000000/267DA510 B: 00000000/267D6884 C: 00000000/267 D 65 D 8 D : 00000000/267 D 50D 8 E: 00000000/A67D69F4 F: 00000000/00000004
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