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CMS-XML SSM832 System ABEND 0C4 in module HPSDSFTP at OFFSET=19C4
SSM832 System ABEND 0 C 4 in module HPSDSFTP at OFFSET= 19C 4
CMS-XML DimCM 14.5.1: Oracle 19c: Announcing Oracle 19c Support for Dimensions CM 14.5.1 on Windows and Linux
DimCM 14.5.1: Oracle 19c : Announcing Oracle 19c Support for Dimensions CM 14.5.1 on Windows and Linux
CMS-XML 0C1/0C4 during CMN ZMF STC shutdown
05.30.38 STC00514 CMN1953E SNEVIN Registers at time of abend: 05.30.38 STC00514 CMN1953E SNEVIN GPR 0-3 00000004 19C 26A34 19C 26A34 0000000B 05.30.38 STC00514 CMN1953E SNEVIN GPR 4-7 19C26A24 000D1024 8008308E 00083C40
CMS-XML S0C4 in HPS83CNV Database Conversion Program.
2: 00000000/00000000_000257F8 3: 00000000/00000000_00000015 4: 00000000/00000000_ 19C 00000 5: 00000000/00000000_00000098 6: 00000000/00000000_19C000C9 7: 00000000/00000000_FFFFFFF8
CMS-XML CMN25 job writes to delay file - Restart STC then SERVDLAY abends with S0C1
DATA AT PSW 00000000 - 000A0000 000130E1 00000000 AR/GR 0: 00000000/00000000_ 19C 0368A 1: 19C 025AC/00000000_ 19C 02970 2: 0181003A/00000000_000DA789 3: 00000000/00000000_000D9000
CMS-XML Unexplained S0C1 on ZMF server started task
BLS18451I Unable to identify the area at ASID(x'036A') address 416B 19C 8. Key 8 SA4 at 44237CE8.,EP4 at 416B19C8.--CMNVDSS/INFO0000 BLS18451I Unable to identify the area at ASID(x'036A') address 44944000.
CMS-XML DA 6.3.1 : Cannot see Components in Component mapping for Environment
DA 6.3.1 with Oracle 19c database
CMS-XML Error "ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" when connecting to Oracle
ODBC connection to Oracle fails, and the following error appears when you attempt to connect to an Oracle 12 c , 18 c and 19c databases: [SBM][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol When you attempt a test connection on the Database Server tab in SBM Configurator, it will fail as well.
CMS-XML Audit - incorrect SETSSI number
0000FF60 2000/11/22 4CEBD4D4 ECPL1100 OECP000096 0000FFC0 2002/07/19 5007E4AD ECPT1100 0000FF60 2000/11/22 C 5 C 3D4D4 SYNCH7! ECPT1100 OECP000096 0000FFC0 2002/07/ 19 C 5 C 3E4AD Issue #2:
CMS-XML abend offset on master menu for CICS does not match that found in storage
Program Storage:ESPYDEMO 000018 C 0 58B0 C 03 C 47F0BD16 D203D108 D 19C 5820 D0E007F2 FA33A084 A088F833 A084 <------ 000018E0 5820D0E4 07F2FA33 A084A08C F833A084 A0845820 D0E807F2 FA33A084 A090
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