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CMS-XML S0C4 in CMNINIT using 1.Z function (Compress Staging dataseta)
S0C4 in CMNINIT using 1.Z function (Compress Staging dataseta)
CMS-XML S0C4 abend in CMNINIT during checkin
S0C4 abend in CMNINIT during checkin
CMS-XML Getting S0C4 in CMNINIT doing Promote of DBRM
During promotions to this one promotion level, the customer is getting S0C4 abends. They think the problem is associated to the promotion DBRM library. They just upgraded from V5.2.4 to V5.2.5.
CMS-XML S0C4 processing CMNINIT when issuing a backout on a P site.
Customer encounters a S0C4 abend in CMNBKOUT +2D30, when issuing a backout of a package on a P site. The abend occurs in the TSO user's address space (no evidence of a problem exists in the ZMF started task).
CMS-XML CMNEX030 invoked and CMNINIT abends with an 0C4.
When you have CMNEX030 invoked and you Stage from development a module which is associated with a Lib Type that this not excluded then an 0C4 abend occurs. Please see below the CMN captured abend.
CMS-XML 0C4 in CMNINIT (CMNRPROM) attempting to promote a large package
A customer is experiencing an 0C4 abend in their CMN ISPF client whilst attempting the full promote of a package containing approx. 25,000 components. The customer has successfully promoted packages containing approximately 11,000 components.
CMS-XML OC4 in CMNINIT during login after installing ZMF 5.5.2.
Customer is getting a S0C4 in CMNINIT when logging into ZMF after installing 5.5.2. This happens when the login clist specifies CON() or CON(X). CON(T) works. However, if logging in via CON(T), the S0C4 will occur in other places.
CMS-XML ERO: S0C4 in ISPF client attaching package to release
Customer is experiencing what would appear to be identical ISPF client 0C4 abends ('Abend 0C4000 hex occurred processing command ' CMNINIT '. ') attaching packages to releases under certain circumstances. The two examples reported so far cover attaching a package containing multiple installation sites with:
CMS-XML 0C4 CMNIMPQR+114C in ISPF Client attempting Q.I
A customer is currently experiencing an 0C4 in CMNINIT (CMNIMPQR+114C) whenever they attempt to perform a Q.I on their 'live' ZMF system.
CMS-XML ERO: 0C4-11 CMNRCOMP +534C attempting recompile in a release-related package
Customer is experiencing an ISPF client 0C4 ( S0C4 in CMNINIT ) attempting to recompile components attached to a release. Customer claims that the problem does not occur recompiling the same component in a non-release package.
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