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$INCLUDE(ttstyle) $JAVASCRIPT(globals.js) $JAVASCRIPT(cookie.js) $INCLUDE(CalendarSetup) $INCLUDE(javascript/searchoptions. jsvar ) $JAVASCRIPT(searchoptions.js) $JAVASCRIPT(qbe.js) $INCLUDE(projectlist) $JAVASCRIPT(HoverText.js)
THEME) $CSS(3rdparty/bootstrap.modal.css, THEME) $INCLUDE(iesupport) $INCLUDE(jquery-sbm) $INCLUDE(jquery-ui-sbm) $JAVASCRIPT(globals.js) $INCLUDE(javascript/core. jsvar ) $JAVASCRIPT(core.js) $JAVASCRIPT(utilities.js)
CMS-XML Unable to customize SBM Branding per KB S141158
KB S141158 describes how to customize SBM branding using the SSOCATALOG. JSVAR file. This does not work in SBM 11.7.1.
HTML list_OpenInNewWindow.htm
$IF(SHELL|SWC) $CSS(workcenter.css, THEME) $ENDIF() $JAVASCRIPT(globals.js) $JAVASCRIPT(utilities_3rdparty.js) $INCLUDE(javascript/popupstrings. jsvar ) $JAVASCRIPT(utilities.js) $INCLUDE(javascript/core.jsvar) $JAVASCRIPT(core.js)
CMS-XML Browser Template Changes From TeamTrack 6.5 to TeamTrack 6.6
html2\rptportal.htm javascript\favorites. jsvar ***Modified Templates***
CMS-XML Browser Template Changes From TeamTrack 6.6 to TeamTrack 6.6.1
SchSpecInterface.js SchSpecInterface. jsvar In the templatedirectory:
CMS-XML SBM JavaScript issue within the submit form
You can find it in the following files on SBM server: "C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\template\javascript\view. jsvar " and "C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\bin\javascript\view. jsvar ".
CMS-XML KB Widget missing strings such as the search results
Add this line to each of the files above: $INCLUDE(javascript/shell/srp/kbwidget. jsvar ) Around line:
CMS-XML List of template changes from 2008 R2 to R2.03
/templates/browser/javascript/SpecInterface.js /templates/browser/javascript/SpecInterface. jsvar New files:
CMS-XML Serena Release Manager 5.0 - Date is undefined in a knowledgebase listing report
Work around: Edit .....Program files\serena\sbm\application engine\template\shell\SRP\knowledge.htm add $INCLUDE(javascript/shell/srp/portal. jsvar ) just after
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