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tags appear in pasted text field value for auxiliary table records in Relational Grid Widget
In a Relational Grid Widget on a transition form, auxiliary table records displaying a text field value that was pasted into the field have "< DIV >" tags in the value. These only appear in the Relational Grid Widget. Typing the value into the auxiliary record's text field rather than pasting in the value does not display any extra HTML tags.
CMS-XML Div tag getting added to code for multi line text fields that are marked as read-only.
Div tag getting added to code for multi line text fields that are marked as read-only.
CMS-XML Component Master Delete, Update operations have poor performance
Analysis of performance problems during ZMF housekeeping have uncovered issues with component master DIV (Data In Virtual) operations. The performance problem is recognized in both elapsed time and CPU time, and can also be seen outside of housekeeping processing during periods of component master delete and update processing.
CMS-XML FDM: Linear Vsam Datasets
Because Startool uses data-in-virtual ( DIV ) processing, the control interval (CI) size of a linear VSAM dataset must be 4096. The limitation of the CI size to 4096 when using DIV processing for linear VSAM datasets is an IBM restriction.
CMS-XML CCS editor adding #$ to code when editing on edit tab
< DIV ><A onclick="return portal.nav(this);" href="pcd:portal_content/com.fpl.portal.folder.content_provided_by_fpl/com.fpl.portal.folder.business_units/com.fpl.isc.folder.isc/com.fpl.isc.folder.sapone/com.fpl.isc.folder.iviews/com.fpl.isc.iview.shop_svcsorder"
CMS-XML Some HTML tags don't work in memo fields such as the Description field
Here are some HTML tags that don't work li, div , br. etc..
CMS-XML Memo field rendered as HTML does not display in form if read-only
The state form will not display the text if the HTML contains any of the following tags: <br>, <p>, < div >, <li> or <pre>. If the HTML contains simple tags like <b>, <font>, etc, it will display the text.
CMS-XML Html Displayed after completing a mass update
Upon successful completion of a mass update instead of seeing the expected message i.e. X items deleted or updated there is html displayed < div class="rptMaintLabel">Mass 'Close' Results <A href="javascript:goHelp('massresults.htm')"> <IMG border=0
CMS-XML PVCS(J): Some double-byte characters cannot be used for file/folder/project names in File Server-based Project Databases
< div class="serena_normal"><span class="syntax"><font color="black" face="Verdana" size="2"><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Characters that listed in&nbsp;the readme file<o:p></o:p> as ones that should
CMS-XML Error in counting the SEC records in Step CMNECF2U of the ELSCONV job
There is an error in counting the SEC records in Step CMNECF2U of the ELSCONV job, but the records are properly converted and loaded as shown by the load routine report from Step CMNECLC0. When running the ELSCONV Job and looking at the CMNECF2U output you will notice there were ‘0 CMAST SEC records written’ and '26 CMAST- DIV unknown records' as you can see in the following: 20110304 08210757 1,262,796 CMAST flattened records read
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