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PDF Serena StarTool DA Installation and Setup
If you select No, the installer still creates the FTP input file. However, it does not prompt you for the values needed to customize this file and it performs no customizations. If you later decide to use the FTP input file to transfer product files from the PC to the host, you must edit it manually before use.
PDF Serena StarTool DA Installation Guide
All executable SMP/E jobs include DD statement member SMPEDD01 by reference. These sample JCL members reside in the uncompressed product library somnode.JCS, where somnode is the high-level qualifier (HLQ) you supplied to the PC installer for the PDS libraries on the host. This is the same HLQ used by the StarTool DA RECEIVE job to transfer product files from the binary product libraries to the uncompressed product libraries (TXLIBs).

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