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CMS-XML Adding RFC to Release Train gives error "Query would have returned more records (1092) than the maximum allowed by the system (1000)."
You will notice that there is another parameter called designMode with a value of true. Leave this as-is. Do not change the value .
CMS-XML Rule testing for empty journal field does not return correct value
The rule "like empty string" returns different results and can appear random. As an example, this table follows ONE item as it is being updated several times, going through a decision and checking the results of the "like empty string" rule.
CMS-XML Deleting a contact from the SBM Administrator tool in the Contacts Auxiliary table you may get the following error in the UI and the contact doesn't get deleted. "An exception occurred while attempting to fetch a record count or a record integer value from the database"
The first query may have multiple results but the one you're looking for is where the TS_TABLEID either doesn't have a value or corresponds with a table that doesn't exist. The second query should just return one row and it too either has a TS_TABLEID of nothing or the value doesn't correspond with an actual table in the TS_TABLES table. Based on what you find from those last two queries you want to delete the offending row by identifying the TS_ID from the query above that returned the bogus data.
CMS-XML Searching on a relationals field do not return any results if the auxiliary table contains 10,000 records or more
Searching on a relational field does not return any results if the auxiliary table contains 10,000 rows or more ... - create an auxiliary table with one field and populate it with 9,999 entries - add a single or multi relational field to your application table and link it to the aux table created above - set the field option to " Allow searching" and make sure it is in the standard privilege section ... - enter part of a string into the single relational field on the submit form and click the magnifying glass
CMS-XML "The name 'ns1:return' is not a valid NCName" exception on export/publish/deploy/validate when REST grid used with REST service returns namespaced XML
When a REST grid widget is configured to use a REST service which returns namespaced XML, Composer crashes when you try to export/publish/deploy/validate the process app. ... The error given is "The name 'ns 1 : return ' is not a valid NCName. An NCName must start with a letter or an underscore and permits only certain other characters. See '' for a more complete definition.
CMS-XML After upgrade from SBM to SBM 11.1, work center search does not return any new items and gives "The search index is currently building". (missing SSF_IDXTABLEINFO table)
If the table does not exist then do the following : Ensure Tomcat is not running ... values (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 , SYSUTCDATETIME()); ... values (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 , sys_extract_utc(systimestamp));
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
... list on DTK return codes , as documented ... ... E_INTERNAL 1 /* Unspecified ... ... * Archive handle does not */ /* does not exist */ ... /* User does not have */ /* could not be completed * ... ... A specifed revision did not */ ... * Archive contains no revs */ ... 29 /* Can't lock revision * ... ... 30 /* Can't put or unlock ... ... 31 /* No files match a ... ... or there are no more */ ... * The " no prompt" flag ... ... 36 /* Can't promote - group ...
CMS-XML PACKAGE CMPONENT INTEGRTY Service returns wrong values when using SERXMLCC (COBOL)
The problem does not exist in v ... ... XMLSERV it correctly returns the following : ... you get the following when displaying the ... , STATUS- RETURN-CODE , STATUS- ... ... Component =ABC 1 RETURN CODE =000000004 RETURN CODE =000000004 RETURN CODE =000000004 ... the correct result values should be as ... The following are more examples of XML Services returning the STATUS-MESSAGE value ‘OK’ when the STATUS- RETURN is not equal zero:
CMS-XML Troubleshooting: When submit new item from Request Center, no suggested articles are returned from the Knowledge Center
If it is not already installed, ... ... that at least one article is displayed ... If no articles are displayed ... any of the following may be the ... No articles have been ... There are not any articles whose expiration date has not passed. There are not any public articles AND you do not have permissions to see the ... Choose one of the articles ... ... easy, choose one word from the ... Don't choose a " ... ... view, click one of the services ... ... sure there are no blanks or special ... ... any suggested articles returned ?
CMS-XML Multi-User and Multi-Group fields in SLA Clause Qualifying Conditions don't return any values
If one adds Multi-User or Multi-group fields to an SLA clause Qualifying Conditions these fields will not return any values at all and will appear as uneditable.
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