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CMS-XML Opening report for Edit can show invalid report data if report opened through Quick Links
1. Create distribution report at some application, add it to Quick Links. 2. Create application group which does not contain application where the report was created. 3. Open application group, open Quick Links, run created report, then open it for editing using the menu.
CMS-XML Dashboard pinned to Application Group Side Menu is also pinned to Application if TS_ID is the same
- create a new dashboard (Dashboard 1) and share it with a group - open Application Administrator and browse to Groups > <The group the dashboard was shared with> > Group Preferences > Side Menu Settings - select the Application Group 1 in Application Context and add the newly created dashboard (Dashboard 1) under Dashboards on the right
MS-WORD SSM and RLC Integration.docx
Select a release package and click OK. In the Release Ctrl application group , open Release Packages in the side menu and select All Packages to find the release package, and then open it. On the Requests tab you should see “Please reload request data”:
PDF Work Center Guide
8. On the Item Detail tab, select an application or application group from the list, and then select the work items fields to display when a user opens a Kanban card. Use the up and down arrows to set the display order. If no fields are selected, a default set of fields is used.
PDF SBM Application Administrator Guide
2. In the Default view/report drop-down list, optionally select a view or report that should open in the side menu whenever this application or application group is opened in Work Center.
CMS-XML WorkCenter - message when running a view using a shared URL- Unable to follow link, please pin the 'Application Name' application or application group to the tool bar in order to access the link
1. Open Work Center 2. Pin an application and run it 3. Create a view, a backlog for example
CMS-XML After installing RLM 5.0 the order of applications in Work Center is not correct on Oracle databases.
In order to work around this issue and alter the order of the applications that show in the Release Mgmt application group do the following. Find the parent id value. select parentid from SWC_MENUITEM where name='Release Trains'
CMS-XML Activity view for application group returns No data found even though on feed preview, items are returned
Steps to reproduce: - create an application group which contains two applications (Application A and Application B) - grant user one view field privileges on Application A and B, and user two on Application B only
CMS-XML Creating a report in Workcenter for Service Requests application group uses wrong Report Item Type
When in Serena Workcenter, creating a report for the Service Requests application group, "Starter Pack Forms - IT" is selected by default for the Report Item Type. This causes a privilege error for users who do not have privileges to "Starter Pack Forms - IT". This only happens in Workcenter and not in the regular user workspace. The regular user workspace defaults to "Service Requests" for the Report Item Type when creating a report.
CMS-XML Auxiliary tables not shown in pinned Application Groups when editing an aux table report
When you create an aux table report from the Global Process App, you can edit it in Work Center when you select on a single Process App in the Work Center Toolbar. If you have a pinned Application Group in the Work Center toolbar, you can no longer edit the process app the same was as the aux tables are not listed in "Report Item Type". However, all the fields you selected in "Select Columns to Display" are the same as in the report you created initially.
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