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CMS-XML Updating users profile settings from ttadmin and TeamTrack UI
Updating users profile settings from ttadmin and TeamTrack UI
CMS-XML TT Admin through Remote Connection and NT Challenge Response
What is required to be able to use TTAdmin through a remote connection if NT Challenge Response is the TT authentication method?
CMS-XML SBM Installation Issues when Windows WebUpdate has Pending Update
After you upgrade to 2009 R4x on Windows 7, Windows 2008, or Windows Vista an unhandled exception may appear when you close SBM Composer and the following error may appear when you attempt to open the System Administrator ( ttadmin .exe).
CMS-XML What are the Task Manager Process names for Teamtrack running on Windows?
Processes Names - TeamTrack function ttadmin .exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Administrator tool tsbrokersvc.exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Broker Service
CMS-XML RLM 5.1 install issues with promotion of the Turnover ProcessApp
The Release Manager Getting Started Guide has special instructions for the Turnover snapshot. There is an instruction to run the following command : ttadmin .exe /GenerateViews
CMS-XML LDAP Troubleshooting steps when you receive the Bind Authentication Error Message
Change the port in LDAP Setup & Tools to the Global Catalog Port: 3268 Create a new Admin account in LDAP (for testing purposes, call it TTAdmin ). Add that account to the Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin groups
CMS-XML Command to Generate List of Bitmasks for SBM Privileges
Open the command line in Application_Engine\bin and run ttadmin .exe /PrintPrivilegeBits:
CMS-XML Release Control 6.0: RLC Deployment Log table is missing
ttadmin .exe /GenerateViews
CMS-XML RLC: How to manually create or update reports for Release Control 6.2 (PART 2: Deployment unit view does not load)
directory and execute ttadmin .exe /GenerateViews
CMS-XML Users can't run Trend Reports and get the following error in the Windows Application Event Viewer. "Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'TS_ENDGMTSECONDS'"
Run the following command at the prompt ttadmin /ForceTZDenormRenew This may take a minute to run.
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