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CMS-XML How To: VMINET - Customize the port used by VM Server
3. For Netscape Enterprise Server / iPlanet Change the "proxyport" value to match the one you specified above,e.g. proxyport="8081" For VM Server 6.7.10+ (using Tomcat) There is no need to modify anything since parameters in obj.conf
CMS-XML SDA gives error "SSO Gatekeeper error has occurred: Authentication processing error" with "Invalid federation server"
To resolve this message, modify the file gatekeeper-core-config.xml (located in C:\Program Files\Common\tomcat\8.0\alfssogatekeeper\conf ), changing the following parameters as shows here: <parameter name="SecurityTokenService" Type="xsd:anyURI">http://sbm- server :sbm- port /idp/services/Trust<parameter>
CMS-XML Installing Mariner and Server name keeps adding :8080 (or any port)
Installing Mariner and Server name keeps adding :8080 (or any port )
CMS-XML How to test a port connection on a Windows Server
At times, it is necessary to test that a connection is open to a given port. Windows Server / Workstation no longer comes with Telnet installed by default, but it does come with PowerShell. Here are the steps to test your connection to your LDAP server (, for instance.
CMS-XML Started task TCP/IP ErrNo=47s binding to ports
When starting a ZMF 8.1.1+ started task the following type of messages can often be seen:
CMS-XML SLM: Servers in triad configuration fail to start with error: Missing Port on Server line , exiting.
SLM servers in a three- server redundancy configuration fail to start. The SerenaLicenseServer.log files show errors similar to:
CMS-XML SRA: What ports and protocols are used for communications between SRA Server and SRA Agent
Communications between the Serena Release Automation Server and Agent utilizes the Java Message Service (JMS) protocol. The default port for this communications is 7918 -- though this may be changed/configured at installation time.
CMS-XML DIM: Build: How to set up a build on a remote node host using a different port other than the default Dimensions port of 671
User needs to set up builds on a remote node . However, the default Dimensions CM TCP port 671 is not available for use on that node so a different port must be configured.
CMS-XML Server applications on Linux fail to re-bind to a TCP port when they are restarted within 60 seconds of being stopped
When a server process uses a fixed TCP port, stopping and restarting that process on a Linux OS may result in a failure indicating that the port is in use. For example, if your SLM (Serena License Manager) server is using a fixed port , restarting the server will result in the following error in the SerenaLicenseServer.log file: 12:32:13 (lmgrd) Failed to open the TCP port number in the license.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: How To: Configure webtools to access Dimensions server on non-default port
On the server locate these two files: $DM_ROOT\webtools\tomcat\webapps\dimensions\WEB-INF\web.xml $DM_ROOT\webtools\tomcat\webapps\adminconsole\WEB-INF\web.xml
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