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PDF TeamTrack Database Schema
TS_FLDPROP_CALC_EMPTY_MASK 0x30 Mask for either/both above bits. TS_FLDPROP_ CHECKBOXES 0x100 If field can have multiple values , display the choices as checkboxes . Values for TS_SYSCODE column:
CMS-XML Is your Event Manager log database getting very large and causing performance issues?
New with 10.1.4 - Remove Successful Event Manager Log Entries on Completion Select the Remove all successful Event Logs upon completion check box to have the system automatically remove Event Log records for events that are processed successfully on the first attempt. Note that this option is disabled if the database has not been initialized, or no event data has been processed.
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.1.1
19. When a new table is exported via ODBC to a new database, the table name is written correctly to the TS_LASTIDS table in the destination database. 20. When importing Single Selection, Multi-Selection, User, and Folder fields from one database to another, correct default values are now selected for the imported fields when the Allow Override check box was selected for the field in a project in the original database .
CMS-XML Known Problems - TeamTrack 6.1
27. Values for selection fields do not display on a selection list for Auxiliary table reports when the search criteria for the field is set as "Query at Runtime." 28. When importing a Binary field that display as a check box into one database from another TeamTrack database using the XML Import/Export feature, the values for the field as set as "checked" in the browser interface, as "not checked" in the Administrator interface, and as "null" in the database .
CMS-XML How To: VM6.5: Copying 5.3/6.0 Projects into 6.5+ Project Databases
GUI. If you select this option, you can include archives that are not in folders by selecting the Include archives that are not in folders check box . This is the default.
CMS-XML TRK: SQL Server switches to 'Single User Mode' and prevents Tracker Users from logging on.
The workarounds are to clear the 'Attempt to repair any minor problems' checkbox or to manually reset the user mode after the Database Maintenance Plan has finished attempting the repairs. This is documented more fully in Microsoft Knowledgebase document Q259551
CMS-XML SQL Server ODBC Driver Configuration.
In TeamTrack versions 3.0 and later, the default is to turn this setting off, improving TeamTrack's performance and managing tempdb far more efficiently. To turn this setting off, go to each machine that has an ODBC connection to TeamTrack's database (the main TeamTrack server where the Web server is running, plus any machines that have the TeamTrack Administrator installed with an ODBC connection), and modify the ODBC driver setting to turn off the "Generate Stored Procedure for Prepared Statement" checkbox .
CMS-XML Reports will not print
5. Click on Select, select your database, and choose OK. 6. Click on the checkbox next to the database , and choose Upgrade. PLEASE NOTE:
PDF Dimensions CM Pulse Running Jenkins Build Expert
2. In the ProjectNamebox enter: QLARIUS:MYSTR1 3. Click on Advanced… to display the Dimensions fields 4. Enter the Dimensions CM connection details: E.g. • Login Name: dmsys • Password:<password> • Server: <server> • Database : cm_typical@dim14 5. Select the Use Update checkbox .
MS-WORD VM Server Imp Guide.doc
Check to see if the access control database is embedded by opening the Version Manager GUI and selecting Project | Configure Project | Project Options. If the checkbox “make selection secure” under Access Control Database is checked, then the database is embedded. This causes a problem for VM Server because when you embed the information into the Version Manager library, it removes that information from the configuration file, and VM Server uses its own library file which does not have the embedded information.
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