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CMS-XML Composer gives error "The design element does not exist. The process app that contains it may have been deleted from the repository"
When opening a specific process app from the Repository, it gives error:
CMS-XML When opening a process app in Composer, user gets error "Delete attempt failed for Process App 'Your Process App'. The directory is not empty."
When the user tries to open an existing process app from their local cache, they may get the following error: Delete attempt failed for Process App 'Your Process App'. The directory is not empty.
CMS-XML Delete application from process app with more than one application referenced by relational field
To delete an application from a process app even if it is referenced by a relational field in an existing application, you need to delete the primary table from the Tables tab in the SBM System Administrator. Be careful when doing this as it is permanent and will delete all parts of the application including existing items. You will then need to perform a Get From Application Engine for the process app in the Deployments tab of your environment in your Application Repository to pull the process app with only the remaining application back into the repository.
CMS-XML How to manually uninstall / remove delete the Mashup Composer ?
This article is to describe how to manually remove a Mashup Composer install from a Windows OS when the uninstall is failing to do so. After following the steps below the machine should be completely clean of Mashup Composer and should allow for a new install.
CMS-XML How to Delete the Mashup2009 DSN Manually After SBM Uninstall
System DSNs that use the "Oracle for SBM" driver cannot be deleted after SBM is uninstalled. To work around this issue, delete all DSNs that use the “Oracle for SBM" driver before you uninstall SBM. If you have already uninstalled SBM and you still need to delete a DSN that uses this driver, you must delete the DSN from the registry. The Mashup 2009 DSN can be found here:
CMS-XML SBM 11.1 Composer crashes with "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created" on validation of a process app
- close Composer - delete the local Composer cache - usually in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Serena\Studio\Repository\Local - open Composer
CMS-XML SBM: When checkin or deploy from Composer, get error: Cannot restore an asset that has not been deleted
The process app in the repository has become out of sync with the copy that is deployed. To re-sync them, follow these steps:
CMS-XML Importing Release Control solution gives "Failed to extract the solution. You do not have permission to delete the obsolete snapshot"
Log into the Application Repository ( http://server:8085/mashupmgr ). Switch to the Privileges view. Select your user, and verify that you have all privileges, including Delete Process App , Delete App/Orch, and Break Lock.
CMS-XML How to clear entries from "Recent Process Apps" screen in Composer.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Serena\Studio\Common\Launch The list of items that start with "RecentApplicationX" are the apps that have recently been opened. Delete the "RecentApplicationX" entries for the ones you don't want to show in the list anymore.
CMS-XML How-To Delete or Disable Users in SBM
A disabled user is typically a temporary status, but may be expanded to be used where preservation of field selections is desired. A disabled user has TS_STATUS of 2 in the TS_USERS table. See the MicroFocus Community for a sample User Management process app .
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