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CMS-XML Changing the Notification link from User Workspace to Work Center for the whole of SBM in the Application Administrator
field to set a global, default shell value in notification item links at the Base Project in the Application Administrator. For example, if you want all users to view items from notifications in the Work Center
CMS-XML Notification links go to the SBM view not the ALM shell view
A workaround would be to modify the Email template in use. However, keep in mind that changing the template will affect all notification emails that use this template. Also, changes will not be preserved on upgrade.
CMS-XML Remove SBM from IIS -After upgrading Windows/IIS or installing patches, it is possible for corruption to occur in the applicationhost.config file. This corruption can cause 500 errors or connection reset errors when accessing a particular IIS virtual application.
This corruption can cause 500 errors or connection reset errors when accessing a particular IIS virtual application. Sometimes the failed virtual application is GSOAP which will hide the root cause in SBM logs while the SBM User Workspace appears to work in most cases . Use standard IIS troubleshooting to make sure that you can access files in the gsoap virtual directory.
CMS-XML SBM 10.1.4,, and 10.1.5: Cannot edit, delete or share Work Center views (activity, calendar, backlog). My View and Shared View buttons missing during edit. workcenter
*This error will appear if you have a couple records in the table (but is still incomplete from the required 33). If this is the case , truncate the table and rerun the script.
CMS-XML SRP shell unavailable after installation
This is most probably a permissions issue and will be most common where Windows Authentication is used for IIS. The default installation structure for SBM 11.3 changed from "serena" to "microfocus", whereas SSM 5.2.2 still defaults to "serena".
CMS-XML Hotfix for SOO 4.5 for DEF238652 - In IE8 or IE9, open SRC, view any request and then attempt to view the System tab. Most of the time most or all of the Change History will not be viewable, nor is there a vertical scrollbar
3) Take a backup of the files and then copy and replace portal.js in folder: "?:\Program Files\Serena\ SBM \Application Engine\bin\javascript\ shell \SRP" and
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions input"). change (n);jQuerySBM(".widget_add .widget_add-activitytab").click(function(){k(jQuerySBM(this).attr("data-to"))});Serena.View.viewListTemplate?b():getTemplate("tmtrack.dll? shell =swc&stdpage&template=swc/feeds/viewList.html",null,"",!0,function(a){Serena.View ...
CMS-XML "Class not registered" error in Quality Center Connector for SBM
In some cases , an upgrade of HP Quality Center (ALM) or another change can cause web service calls to the qcbug web service that gets installed by the Quality Center Connector for SBM to fail with a fault string of "Class not registered."
CMS-XML EVAL license fails with a new installation of SBM
Stop web server. Edit properties and change the port to port 81 in case the service gets started again, it won't affect SBM on IIS. * This internal web server is only used for troubleshooting only and is not meant to be run in a production environment.
CMS-XML RLM: Running Activity report under ALM shell and get no results
Use SBM to open and edit the report named "Active Release Packages (JSON)"
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