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CMS-XML SBM: Settings on ODBC Data Source change every time we click Apply in Configurator
To connect to your database, you may need to customize the settings on the ODBC Data Source. However, SBM will set the ODBC Data Source to the default settings every time you click Apply in SBM Configurator.
CMS-XML SBM 11.3+: How to run a command line data import (ODBC Import)
Beginning in SBM 11.3, you can run an import option set from the command line, allowing you to schedule imports or start an import from within another script.
CMS-XML Utility to test ODBC query speed for SBM.
This utility when run just uses the same ODBC connection that SBM uses so it's just testing the connection by running the following sql statement and shows how long it took to run. The utility basically takes SBM itself out of the equation when trying to troubleshoot why the app itself might be slow. In this customer case they could run the same query in the Oracle Developer Tools in a fraction of the time that this utility was able to.
CMS-XML Importing from excel spreadsheet on 64 bit version of SBM
When importing from an Excel spreadsheet on a 64 bit version of SBM , the odbc window will not include the drivers needed to create a DSN to the Excel spreadsheet.
CMS-XML How-To View Oracle Sessions from SBM
The following Oracle query will all the DBA to see sessions and the applications making them. To identity SBM Application Engine and AE common logger applications, it is possible to edit the Windows ODBC connections ( SBM _AE and SBM _CL by default) and edit settings on the client monitoring tab. Here is a sample tab:
CMS-XML Where are the SBM JDBC connections stored in 11.x?
SBM contains both a Windows component (IIS) and a Java component. IIS uses the ODBC Administrator for its database connection. SBM 11.x and Tomcat stores its database connection information in the following file.
CMS-XML Data Direct driver for exclusive use with SBM
ERROR [HY000] [ SBM ][ ODBC Oracle driver]The DataDirect product you are attempting to access has been provided to you by Serena Software, Inc. for the exclusive use with SBM . You are not licensed to use this product with any application other than SBM. If you would like to purchase this product, please ....
CMS-XML Error "InitExtension Failed" when logging into the SBM User Workspace
Step 1: Test the ODBC connection
CMS-XML How to enable SBM to communicate via SSL with a SQL Server database
If your MS SQL Server is setup with the Force Encryption value set to yes then you will have to make the following changes for SBM to communicate with it. If your SQL server is setup this way then the Application Engine components will work fine because they connect via ODBC but the JBOSS components will fail to connect via JDBC and need the following changes made to the JDBC connection string in order to connect to the SQL Server database.
CMS-XML Why don't I have access to the features in the new Application Administrator that I used to access via ODBC?
After upgrade to SBM 10.1 or later from a version prior to SBM 10.1 I cannot do the functions I used to be able to do in the ODBC System Administrator e.g. field overrides. In SBM 10.1 the legacy Web Admin has now been replaced by the Application Administrator and many of the System Administrator functions moved here also.
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