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CMS-XML Dim10-12: REXEC fails with Job R-7560226 FAILED - rc(-1) errno(13)
Dim10-12: REXEC fails with Job R-7560226 FAILED - rc (-1) errno (13)
CMS-XML 12.x : rexec fails with this error message "Job R-xxxxxxx FAILED - rc(1) errno(0)"
12.x : rexec fails with this error message "Job R-xxxxxxx FAILED - rc (1) errno (0)"
SERP000P TCP/IP INITAPI: RC =FFFF ERRO00156 If we start the task on LPA2 and run CMNBATCH on LPA1, the step ends with RC=06 and puts out these messages: ATTEMPTING TO INITIATE DIALOG WITH CHANGE MAN SUBTASK
CMS-XML Unexplained TCP/IP connectivity issues to ZMF Server started task
2021/03/04 05:37:11.60 19123000 SER1020I XCH TCP/IP READ: RC = 00 FFF ErrNo =54 Task=XCH TCB=00B9CE88 TIE=1912A010 Sock=0001
CMS-XML When does the Audit Return Code on the LIST panel get updated?
Customer ran an Audit and it ended with a RC = 00 . Then they ran another Audit on the same package after it was Frozen. The Audit return code changed to a RC=12, but the LIST panel still showed the original Audit return code of 00. Customer wanted to know why the display on the LIST panel did not change or get updated with the latest Audit return code?
CMS-XML FBIA789E return code "00000024", Reason code "00000C50"
After selecting user module XOPTRC2 in FBIP1D 00 panel we got a message : FBIA789E A subroutine in the dialog manager reported an error. Return code "00000024", Reason code "00000C50". The information you requested cannot be displayed.
CMS-XML Return code 4 (RC=4) issued during shutdown of the started task
After a Modify command is issued to shut down the started task, the task issues return code 4 (RC=4). 23 SERG995I Statistics; Real time: D05H 00 M10 23 SERG995I Statistics; Applications: 1
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: How to convert RCS controlled files into PCMS
7.2. 00
CMS-XML FDM batch job using PGM=IKJEFT01 issues RC=0 even when job gets error
16.29.46 J0013938 -STARBAT 00 94 43 . 00 .00 .0
CMS-XML 2009Rx / 12.x : installing z/os agent => MDHJINTT => step500 ends with rc=107 and step700 ends with rc=256
12.38.24 JOB29018 -STEPNAME PROCSTEP RC 12.38.24 JOB29018 -STEP100 00 12.38.24 JOB29018 -STEP200 00
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