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CMS-XML DA: Mistakenly edited Internal Security/Internal Storage Authentication Realm and now cannot login
In order to configure DA for LDAP authentication, a new authentication realm should be added. From time to time, some folks will mistakenly edit the "Internal Security/Internal Storage" realm and attempt to use it for the LDAP realm. This may leave DA in a configuration where no one is able to log in.
CMS-XML MCLG: What is the default administrator login ID when using LDAP authentication?
The admin user is a built-in Collage internal ID. There does NOT have to be an admin ID defined in the LDAP server. If there is an admin ID in the LDAP server, that ID will be ignored.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
If the user exists in the client requesting authentication, the user will be logged in, otherwise a login failure will occur. For example, if I go to the Dimensions CM website, I will be redirected to the SBM SSO Engine where my login can be authenticated via LDAP. Finally, I will be returned to the calling product (application) with an authenticated token where my username will be mapped to the product's internal user database; if the username does not exist, login will not be granted.
? Crystal Enterprise would have to create its' own instance tree in the LDAP server to match it's internal structure, storeour own objects etc.. (Basically turn the LDAP server into the APS database) or expand the customers existing data scheme.The first can greatly increase the footprint of the LDAP server, especially if other applications are have their own tree instances and the later managing the customers existing LDAP instance tree can become a management nightmare when many other applications are modifying the schema too.
CMS-XML How to setup SSO to validate users with LDAP, instead of SBM Application Engine validating the users with LDAP
<!-- =================================================== --> <!-- AE Authenticator for internal SBM passwords -->
CMS-XML Version Manager Internal Processing Error Codes / DTK Return Status Values
/* in the current code page. */ #define PVCS_E_BIND_AS_ADMIN 123 /* LDAP Bind as Admin error */ #define PVCS_E_EXCLUSIVE_LOCK 124 /* DEF112160 - Exclusivelock */
CMS-XML LDAP Authentication provider format
LDAP Authentication provider format
CMS-XML Increasing LDAP Query Limits
Increasing LDAP Query Limits
CMS-XML Configuring LDAP for Microsoft Active Directory
Configuring LDAP for Microsoft Active Directory
CMS-XML LDAP test authentication is crashing rmManage
LDAP test authentication is crashing rmManage
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