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CMS-XML Where is the server part of the Item URL picked up from when using a GetItem method with webservices?
e.g. <ae:url>http://servername /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? IssuePage &amp;RecordId=4&amp;Template=view&amp;TableId=1061</ae:url> The servername
CMS-XML How to specify a different print form at the project level for printable view
tmtrack.dll? IssuePage &tmtrack.dll?shell=swc& IssuePage &RecordId={_RecordId}&template=printitem&TableId={_TableId}&formname=PrintForm
CMS-XML After upgrade of SBM some of the users are getting code in the SBM User Workspace rather than the expected display
s="tmtrack.dll? IssuePage &Template=email&RecordId=18257&TableId=1008&AttachmentId="+attachid+"&ContactId="+type+id; doW("width=700,height=630",s,510); } function extLicense(action) { if (action.indexOf("Revoke") != -1) { if (self.view && self.view.document && self.view.document.ExternalAccountForm)
CMS-XML How to test a new form without making it available to all users?
e.g. http://servername tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?shell=swc& IssuePage &RecordId=1&template=viewwrapper&TableId=1050&formname=NewStateForm The State or Transition (only for Submit Transition) can now be tested with a new form in an environment before users have access to it.
CMS-XML StartTransition with JSON API is showing a field as Read Only when it can be updated on a form - why?
"itemId": "000220", "url": "http://JG-SBM-11-3-1:80/workcenter/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? IssuePage &RecordId=1&Template=view&TableId=1021", "itemLockId": 48144
CMS-XML Notification links go to the SBM view not the ALM shell view
CMS-XML Get Error occurred in file: '.\HtmlPage_Tag.cpp' Incorrect type requested in CReportExec::NewExecReport
The server was processing this URL when this message was created: http://<sbm server>/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?yhsoljzj& IssuePage &TableId=1000&RecordId=167&Template=view
CMS-XML SBM Web Application Firewall Configuration using ModSecurity on the Security tab in Configurator
>>basic rule description # /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll? IssuePage &RecordId=40&Template=viewwrapper&TableId=1000&Param01=XXX >>sample that shows the bad parameter
CMS-XML Include Serena Work Center item link along with User Workspace item link in notification email template
$LINK() (2) To be taken to the item and then upon closing this to be placed in the Work Center home then please replace "&View" with "& IssuePage " in the urls in the examples above in (1). You can also use this syntax for Work Center links.
HTML Template Content Differences
820 dll " IssuePage &Template=extaccount&Grant=1&RecordId=" sRecordId
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