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CMS-XML Dim10: 1019 - DBIO: Oracle Error occurred SQL-0304 (22034) ORA-00001: Unique constraint (pcms.pending_actions_k1) violated.
One cause of this is incorrect data somewhere in the role assignments, object type definitions or lifecycle definitions. For example once in a while a control plan will indicate a transition from the same lifecycle state to the same other lifecycle state with one transition defined as NORMAL and a second defined as off-normal . In some instances, the problem can also be seen with the lifecycle of the Item Type or Request Type within Admin Console . ... from life_cycles life ... from life_cycles life
PDF Dimensions CM Deployment Getting Started Guide
... for Deployment within Dimensions CM . ... however the initial state of the Item lifecycle that is being ... to the initial state in the GSL ... ... on the change button (1) ... ... on the change button next to the ... ... on the Deliver button : 1. Login to admin console , go to Distributed Development under Area definitions select Areas ... 3 If using another Base Database other than CM_TYPICAL, please ensure the initial state of the Item lifecycle that is being used will need to map to the initial state in the GSL. ... Contains comprehensive information on Deployment within Dimensions CM .
CMS-XML Dim10: Error: There are existing items residing at a state which will not be included in the new lifecycle when removing a state from a lifecycle used for items
A query which is similar to the one used by the Admin Console for this check is as follows. Substitute the name of the lifecycle in question and run this query. It should list the names of all items which stand in the way of the lifecycle change.
CMS-XML Dim10: How To: Why some items are not included when creating a baseline
The most likely reason for CBL to not include a revision in a baseline is that the item revision is in an off-normal lifecycle state . These are not picked up. This constraint is listed in the Process Modeling Guide under Baseline Item Templates, i.e. for Dimensions 10.1.1, this is on page 310 onwards of file dmcm_process_modeling.pdf.
CMS-XML Dim10: How to implement a file policy checker trigger
2. Parse the checked out file to see if it meets the policy 3. If the policy is not met then an external Dimensions command is called that will delete the newly checked in revision or a Action Item command is run to move it into an off-normal state . 4. If the policy is met then nothing is done by the trigger
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Delete of an Item. When, Who, and How can we delete items?
Who can delete an item? Deletion of an item can occur only by a user with the appropriate management privileges or, if the item revision is at the initial lifecycle state , and by users if it is in their pending list.
PDF Dimensions CM Event Bridge
Usage: • To list Lifecycles : {connection details} • To list attribute rules for a Lifecycle across all types: … { lifecycle } • To add/ delete an attribute rule across all types: … add/del • {<attribute name>:<from state >:<to state >:<role>} • {<required>:<writable>:<display>} Demo
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: 1320-You may not relate/unrelate items /AFFECTED to request while it is in the WORK phase.
If that is the case, use the Adminconsole and redefine the lifecycle state at which the WORK Phase begins. To do this, invoke the Adminconsole, In the Adminconcole main page, select "Requests". Then select the request type of interest.
CMS-XML Dim10: Error 1321- You may not relate/unrelate items /in_response_to change document(number) while it is in the analysis state.
... in the analysis state . ... at the same lifecycle state . To change this, go into Admin Console . Go to Object Type Definitions/Requests or Change Documents. ... Go to the CM Rules tab. Edit the ANALYSIS and WORK phase so that they are at the same lifecycle state . ... After the change is made, use the command line PEND utility to process the change requests and update the PHASE for each CR. In Dimensions CM 12.x, this would be: ... You may click on Cm phase usage to double check the rules.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: LifeCycle and browse template assignments at design part level
It was decided not to include this functionality in the new web-based Admin Console UI in Dimensions 8+. ... $DM_ROOT/ AdminConsole /examples/lifecycleTemplateAssignmentsDemo.js ... $DM_ROOT/ AdminConsole /examples/lifecycleTemplateAssignmentsLibrary.js Show how to create, delete and list part-level lifecycles and browse templates (most of the reusable code can be copy-and-pasted from the second JavaScript file).
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