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CMS-XML SBM Hotfix 1 for DEF278104 and DEF278105 - Repository has no content after upgrading to SBM and Work Center does not complete loading
: Special Firewall Case: Repository does not fully load and does not display all content. DEF278105 : SBM Workcenter may not work if placed behind a proxy that uses junction points This hotfix is for with no other hotfixes applied.
CMS-XML ChangeMan SSM 8.3.2 Getting an S0C7 Abend during Fingerprint processing in module HPSDSFTP at OFFSET=1C36
This problem started after our programmers deployed a large number of PL1 Enterprise compiled load modules .
CMS-XML ChangeMan SSM 8.3.2 Getting S0C4 Abend in module HPSDSFTP at OFFSET=1B8C during Fingerprint processing
Fingerprinting Abended with an S0C4 Abend. System completion Code=0C4 Reason Code=11. The problem seems to be related to the date/time format for Enterprise PL1 load modules .
CMS-XML SSM823: S0C4 Abend in module HPSTRACK at OFFSET=850E during HISTORY report generation
Beta patch attached for SSM V823 (SSM82309). This is a single replacement load module for HPSTRACK.
CMS-XML IOO311: S0C4 abend in IDCAMS module IDCI002. Bypassing IOO resolves the abend.
This problem is addressed by fix IOO31102 as a replacement ULTI200 load module . However, the latest copy of this module as identified in fix description IOO31106.txt. Review the fix description IOO31102.txt.
CMS-XML IOO311: IOO V3.1.1 (module ULTI200) no longer gets LSR for its files
Apply fix IOO31106, which is a ULTI200 load module replacement. This fix updates subtask logic. ChangeMan subtask can support LSR.
CMS-XML IOO311: SOC4 Abend in module ULTI200 at OFFSET=407C
This fix will detect that subpool zero is not being shared and place the file into NSR. IOO31102.txt - Fix documentation. IOO31102.bin - Contains replacement load module ULTI200 in xmit format.
CMS-XML Mariner 2008 R1.01 Patch Release
The following bugs are fixed by this patch: DEF136735 Faster loading of Resources Roles view DEF139004 Changes are saved when user clicks save changes
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: HotFix to resolve mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable) and/or random lockups of the File Server clients
*** This HotFix has been superceded by P2715 *** The attached HotFix solves a problem that was introduced in VM 8.4.6, where some customers using a heavily loaded VM File Server would get the error: mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable)
CMS-XML SSM823: Problem with the MRT report output, not identifying referenced member(s)
Apply SSM V823 beta patch number SSM82313. This patch consists of 4 replacement load modules . Note that two of the replacement load modules HPSIATCH and HPSIBLDL are MLPA load modules, and will require a refresh to take effect.
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