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CMS-XML Mariner 6.2 Patch 4
What is New or Updated in this Patch? file hangs up system DEF127741 OLE DB provider is missing important logging message DEF129096 Escalation and Escalated icons no longer show in log reports
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Merant Dimensions 8.03x to Test Director 7.6SP4 Versioning Plugin
PCMSVCP_LOGGING 7 PCMVCP_LOGFILE <dirve>:<path to log file> where <dirve>:<path to log file> is the location that you wish to write the log file ( usually \temp\logs ).
CMS-XML MVR Mover Web Client - improper warning message "Password must be more than 4 characters"
- Restart Mover services ("Stop Serena Mover 2.3" and "Start Serena Mover 2.3" from Start menu of the Windows) - Log in to Mover with User Name: admin / Password: admin (5 characters long) as Administrator - Click on the user name link and edit the discription and click OK
CMS-XML RLM (4.5.0 Hotfix 3) - Task status not updated; Redeploy Dimensions task; SOAP RequestTimeout; Same baseline going to multiple deployment areas
DEF262165 FF: Release Automation Deployment task does not update Release Control when it fails DEF262166 FF: Get "Invalid User ID or Password" errors in rlm. log file and Deploy Tasks are stuck at "In Progress" even though the task is complete DEF262168 FF: Unable to do a re-deploy to Dimensions.
CMS-XML Version Manager 8.4.5 patch for 8.4
1.1.8 File Server: Admin User ID's and Passwords Must NOT Contain Semicolons (;) [DEF105420] When you create a new admin user from the Version Manager File Server Administration Utility and use a semicolon (;) in the ID or password, the next login to the administration utility fails and nobody will be able to log in until the user has been removed from the server-config.wsdd file. This has been fixed.
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: Combo HotFix 1 (Includes updated Certificate for VM I-Net Web Client Applet)
The certificate that was used to sign the applet in VM 8.4.6 expired on Sunday Feb 16th 2014. When logging into the Serena VM I-Net Web Client, users are presented with a digital signature error. Some examples of the warning message that could be shown:
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.2 Hotfix 3: Ability to turn on/off the automatic Audit Monitoring purge (workaround for DEF320998)
ENH335067: As a workaround to DEF320998 (High CPU on database at midnight and when selecting to purge the "Audit History log ") which cannot be addressed in a patch, this enhancement will give the ability to turn on/off the automatic Audit Monitoring purge. After this hotfix is installed, the mashupmgr.cfg will have option called "AR_MONITORING_ENABLE" which will be set to "false" to disable the automtic purge.
CMS-XML MCLG: Need an option to NOT allow blank password for certain LDAP setups
Fixed bugs in this hot fix The problem with not being able to require a password when logging into Collage has been resolved. NOTE:
CMS-XML VM 8.4.6: HotFix to resolve mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable) and/or random lockups of the File Server clients
mutexError (pvcs.exception.FsMutexException,failed to lock lockable) in the Serena VM Web Application Server log or console window. Alternatively, or additionally, users of the VM desktop client GUI would get the error:
CMS-XML VM HotFix for VM to solve regressions from VM
VM I-Net Web Client users: after logging into a servlet on the patched server at least once, go to the Java Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Java) and click the View button in the Temporary Internet Files area. There should be a file named vmi660.jar with version number
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