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CMS-XML IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
CMS-XML SSM823: Problem tracking large PDS/PDSE data sets
SSM823: Problem tracking large PDS/PDSE data sets
CMS-XML IOO311: Receiving bad data on sequential reads
Appears that the switch to MSR if it happens with a key toward the end of an extended VSAM file, after the re-open appears that the wrong key is there. Programmer did traces and is getting data with a high value and then is getting data with a low record and this is with sequential files. Provided a successfull execution using Ultimizer R200.
CMS-XML IOO312: Getting many groups of ULTI01VI messages, running batch test job.
Module ULTI010 has a trace message being issued with the wrong bit being tested to determine if the user has requested trace . Apply fix IOO31201 to address this problem.
CMS-XML Addition of meaningful user abend code messages and diagnostics for IBM LE programs
Some changes include the following: At the time of the abend, DA-Batch will build a notes table of diagnostic lines (notes) concerning the flow of events leading up to the abend viewable via a new option. For every COBOL call that DA sees in the call trace summary, the corresponding source statement that made the call will be added to the call trace summary and to the notes table.
CMS-XML IOO311: IOO nnot honoring //ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY specification.
and IBM couldn't reproduce the problem (as it turns out, they didn't have Startool-IOO). IBM traces and dumps showed that something was gaining control after SMP/E invoked IEBCOPY to change the DCB for SYSUT1. We had used "//ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY" in the SMP/E job, and the error still showed up, which threw us off.
CMS-XML SSM823: MAINT after INTEG required subsequent INTEG (more work to do)
If you do not have the fix in place and you run the $INTEG job (SIMULATE not specified) and then the $MAINT job (some LEVEL= specified) repeatedly - both with TRACE specified - you are likely to see that one Delta Master record (a compression/expansion record), whose key looks like x'00xxxx000000000000000000' (xxxx is some value between
CMS-XML IOO313: IDCAMS VERIFY of user catalogs getting ULTI221n messages.
ULTI2211 D70D016S,STEP010 ,40,SYS00006,?,??,DSTRUCAT In the execution msgs, for each of the ULTI2211 msgs above, the trace that looks like this. Note, on the right side a few characters were truncated. ULTI2211 D70D016S,STEP010 ,40,SYS00001,?,??,PRODUCAT
CMS-XML Dimensions CM for Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Solaris64, Linux64 and AIX64
1.0 Defects Fixed in this Patch DEF235892 Multivalue attirbute problem (client) DEF236274 get targets V2 reloads cache unnecessarily, and trace needs improving (server) DEF236275 Get targets fails to correctly analyse wild source targets and set correct bits up object tree (server)
CMS-XML Dimensions 2009 R2.08 for Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, Solaris64, Linux64 and AIX64
1.0 Defects Fixed in this Patch DEF206760 Performance issue (server) DEF207183 Crash when browing remote areas when sdp trace enabled in RFScanAreaSrv (server) DEF208125 URL user/password encryption (server/client)
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