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CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
6. DEF337038: FF: PUID numbers skipped without restart ... 22.INT337116: FF: Custom form with 3 columns containing user or list fields does not fit the default edit form size ... 30.INT337682: FF: Action Panel is not displayed after create new requirement using Action Panel in IE 31.INT337690: FF: Empty messages are shown in IE browser after some actions like create collection/ find and replace in document
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Hotfix
11.INT342278: FF: Word Import Dialog shall show number of imported chapters ... 39.DEF342547: FF: Requirement edit form fails to show buttons if ROLE attribute in comments class is other type then list ... 48.INT342709: FF: "Remove from collection" action works not correctly in case when some collection is opened
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Merant Dimensions Service Pack for Windows
4) Set the number of seconds that an application will wait to obtain a lock to ... Number of primary logs: 3 Number of secondary longs: 2 ... Number of primary logs: 15 Number of secondary longs: 5 ... prompted to load the new update, confirm the action , and the 2.0.9/3.0.0 ... any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise,
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Merant Dimensions Patch 12.2 for Windows
DEF82885 - Upload utility fails to action item to specified state ... preserve statement failed to action the item to that state. ... In order to improve the startup times for Replicator, a number of ... system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic,
CMS-XML Business Mashups patch R2.03 (NOTE: A Later patch is now available - please use the latest patch)
... to Web service integer array inputs when ... from a transition action . ... to Web service integer array inputs when ... from a transition action . Mashup Composer no longer closes when orchestration actions are deleted from a transition. This problem only occurred when the orchestration workflow associated with the action was not checked out of the Mashup Repository. Validation errors no longer occur for custom forms for system Auxiliary tables after a mashup containing these forms has been imported from a file into Mashup Composer.
CMS-XML Dimensions CM for Windows (32bit and 64 bit), Solaris64, Linux64 and AIX64
... center.html # dcmDoc ... center.html # dcmDoc DMBUILDJOB Variable added to the BRD ... Specifies the job number for the currently ... ... center.html # dcmDoc ... center.html # dcmDoc DMBUILDJOB Variable added to the BRD ... Specifies the job number for the currently ... Defects Fixed in Previous 12.2.2.x Patches DEF244090 Hangs during RIWS in Action Driven Promotion Project when target item is already in item cache ... DEF238504 Action Request - COR7700246E You do not have the " Action to Any State" (REQUEST_ACTION_ANYSTATE) privilege ... ENH236434 error on capture build outputs => COR0005632E The request ... has just been actioned by someone else (server)
CMS-XML Dimensions RM Patch
2. DEF320668: FF: In document view in general if you do an action you should not lose your changes ... 10.INT320677: FF: User attributes are slow on edit form for many users / categories
CMS-XML Serena Business Mashups 2008 Release 1 Patch 3 (
Dependent fields were not getting populated with values when their parent fields were read-only on Submit forms . ... Mashup Composer retains the rules defined for any orchestration actions when importing a mashup.
CMS-XML Serena Business Mashups 2008 Release 1 Patch 1 (
2.3 Serena Mashup Composer – General The form preview window and ... state and transition forms that use the ... styles (State Form Style and Transition Form Style) with ... When an application in a mashup contains references to design elements in other applications, Mashup Composer correctly shows the name of the referred-to design element, rather than the string "<external reference>", (in such places as the name of a field or table used in a relational field definition, the name of a script or trigger used in a state or transition action ,
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 1: Repository gives error 500, Exchange web services, multi select values empty, blank form when SetFieldValue, Oracle max list is 1000
DEF321328: Blank page instead of a custom form when you use SetFieldValue for a rich text field DEF321329: Work Center gives "the maximum number of expressions allowed in a list is 1000" when using Oracle Known issues in this hotfix:
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Dimensions CM: Working with Items, Part 2 (demonstration)
This Dimensions CM demonstration shows you how to copy item revisions to a work area using the Get and Update commands, deliver a modified file from a work area to a stream using the Deliver command, and action an item revision

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