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CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 5: Incoming emails not saved as note; Oracle expression error; Mail Client with Exchange; Repository fail to start; Missing transitions; Rich Text; Multi-user field; Creating Service Request; SRC Mobile submit
DEF323034: User/group select fields list users/groups as comma-separated line instead of as a dropdown DEF320793: Unable to add new Service Requests in SSM DEF323036: SRC Mobile unable to submit; error "You must specify a projectID, tableID, recordiD and recLockID as parameters"
CMS-XML Upgrading to Mariner 6.2 Read First
Anytime you customize a report for Mariner, please be advised these are NOT guaranteed & are not tested so they are not supported for Upgrades. This also applies to custom reports from Consulting Services unless otherwise specified in the Contract.
CMS-XML BUILD: Necessary patch for Merant Build for Merant Professional Suite to operate with Named Licenses - IMPORTANT: This only applies ot the Merant Professional Suite.
After successfully registering and configuring your License Server to contain Merant Build Named Licenses your Merant Build "Openmake" service may not start. When attempting to start the "OpenMake" service through the Windows Services window you will see that the Service starts and immediately stops.
CMS-XML MVR Mover Web Client - improper warning message "Password must be more than 4 characters"
- Restart Mover services (" Stop Serena Mover 2.3" and " Start Serena Mover 2.3" from Start menu of the Windows) - Log in to Mover with User Name: admin / Password: admin (5 characters long) as Administrator - Click on the user name link and edit the discription and click OK
CMS-XML SBM 11.4.1 Hotfix 1: Repository gives error 500, Exchange web services, multi select values empty, blank form when SetFieldValue, Oracle max list is 1000
The following items were addressed in this hotfix: DEF321205: Application Repository fails to start and gives error 500 DEF321255: Mail Client using Exchange web services no longer working after upgrade to SBM 11.4.1
CMS-XML Business Mashups patch R2.03 (NOTE: A Later patch is now available - please use the latest patch)
The Serena Common JBOSS service is now automatically started at the end of the installation process. The Unicode Upgrade Utility no longer drops Multi-Selection field values when Text fields in the same Primary or Auxiliary table have no data. Web interface Issues
Guide' or the ' Web Services Getting Started Guide'. If you have any problems or questions related to this patch release then please contact Serena Support.
CMS-XML KM-Dim5: PVCS Dimensions 5.0 Client SP2 for NT
6/ Restart the 'PVCS Dimensions Service' ( using Control Panel -> Services -> Start ) IMPORTANT - If any of the Dimensions Client Tools - PC Client, Process Modeller, Data Migration or Reports are used you will also need to install Dimensions 5.0 Client Tools Service Pack 2 . This should also be installed on any Windows Clients.
CMS-XML SDA 6.1.0 Hotfix 1: Invalid callback format; Tokens disappear causing plugins to fail; Shell impersonation fails
When prompted to replace or skip files that already exist, choose to Replace the files. Copy the profile\conf\installed.version into the existing folder (by default located at C:\Users\<username>\.serena\ra) Start the Serena Tomcat service.
CMS-XML PPM 10.2.3 Patch Release
The fix for DEF205876 (Scheduled reports are not executed) in patch 10.2.2 required that a plain text password be setup in the scheduler config file. With this patch, the password will be encrypted after the scheduler service starts the first time. For complete details on using this feature, see DEF207115 .
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