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CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Several LDAP and deploy bugs have been addressed
LDAP: Depending on the configuraiton on the LDAP server, users may have been forced to log into Collage twice every time. When this happens, the Tomcat log would show error " Bean : OpenProject: <project name > com.merant.ldap.LdapException".
CMS-XML VM 8.6.0 DEF316317: HotFix for VM 8.6.0 to solve HTTP 400 error in the Web Client when browsing for labels from projects with a space in their name
The attached HotFix solves the following issue in VM 8.6.0: DEF316317: Version Manager 8.6: version label filter search in web client causes error 400 The HotFix should be installed on the system running the Serena VM Web Application Server
CMS-XML CICS dump formatting job gets error S0C4 abend in ESPYD2F5+06E8
CMS-XML IOO311: Starting IOO V3.1 for first time getting ULTISTR 026E invalid sub-system name
2. Additionally, you may need to remove the references in your DCF to: bypass=ulti-ims This was an old feature that was never developed, and may cause a DCF specification error . 3. Customer needs the latest version of the ULTIBGL replacement member for the SRCUSER library (in XMIT format), as
CMS-XML CICS demo installation job gets error "ESPYALC2 041E,Premature ESPYCLR EOF detected"
02/10/2005-12:51:33:15 ESPYALC2,033I,ESPYSCRM DD present, OSR support will be activated. 02/10/2005-12:51:34:41 ESPYALC2,034I,ELFC,A=X"00041000", Name =C"ESPYFC02",Gen=(06/10/04,05.13),Level=C004 .
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Error about popup blocker when editing metadata via CCS editor
: <WebSphere_Install>/AppServer/installedApps/<host>/Collage.ear/Collage.war/WEB-INF/lib where <host> is the named instance for this WebSphere Application Server. For WebLogic
CMS-XML MCLG: Hot fix: Metadata screen in Content | Contribution view grows incorrectly
: <WebSphere_Install>/AppServer/installedApps/<host>/Collage.ear/Collage.war/WEB-INF/lib where <host> is the named instance for this WebSphere Application Server. For WebLogic
CMS-XML SSM831 Getting message HPS0100W message with RC=004, and x'0218' error saying, Volume not mounted during Fingerprinting.
Does SSM have any issues with Fingerprinting a PDSE that is not cataloged? We are running a Fingerprint creating batch job of some datasets on a volser, and then on a different volser of the same dataset names , but not cataloged. When we run against the not-cataloged version all the datasets are ok except the PDS/e?
CMS-XML DimCM 14.5.0 Patch 8: Server Only: Importing from Oracle to PostgreSQL Error of Unknown token type and other issues addressed
INT328627: Server changes to support new Git Client DEF328837: DBI4502374E SQL-904(000001F18FF84740) ORA-00904: "RU"."USER_ NAME ": invalid identifier Known issues in this patch:
CMS-XML MVR Mover Web Client - improper warning message "Password must be more than 4 characters"
- Restart Mover services ("Stop Serena Mover 2.3" and "Start Serena Mover 2.3" from Start menu of the Windows) - Log in to Mover with User Name : admin / Password: admin (5 characters long) as Administrator - Click on the user name link and edit the discription and click OK
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