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CMS-XML IOO313: Upgraded to IOO 3.1.3, and now a job is not being bypassed when it should have been.
DCF is documented that the user should use the program name from the JCL EXEC card, when specifying a DCF PGM entry. IOO must track down this program name. When a routine is subtasking, the program name can still be obtained, but different logic is needed.
CMS-XML SSM821: Abends with S0C4 during IMPORT/APPLY processing with FORCE parm specified
SSM821: Abends with S0C4 during IMPORT/APPLY processing with FORCE parm specified
CMS-XML CICS transations xxMT abend with APXA due to missing CSD Profile ESPYPRF
When starting CICS regions that only have an Error Detector Server and no Debug/Viewing Server, transactions xxMT abend with code APXA because specified profile ESPYPRF is not installed. Skeleton ESPYIS5A needs to be updated to have this profile defined. Issue found in Release: 5.5.2
CMS-XML IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
Details: After installing the base product, batch jobs output generating groups of ULTI01VI trace messages, when trace was not specified /requested. Issue found in Release: 3.1.2
CMS-XML VM 6.8.12 Patch for Version Manager 6.8.10 (GUI, DTK, I-Net)
1.0 VM Development Interface: When Opening a Project from Source Control You Cannot Specify an Alternate Workfile Location [1035961] If you specify an alternate workfile location when opening a project from source control, the workfiles will not be placed there. This has been fixed.
CMS-XML SSM823: S001 Abend Running MRT Zero Reference Report
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Can access Dimensions without password when LDAP server has anonymous bind enabled
If Dimensions is being used with an LDAP server, and LDAP server has anonymous bind to the directory enabled, then is it possible to connect to Dimensions without having to specify any password. Furthermore, any user can login as any other user as long as they don't specify a password, and this is a potential security risk.
CMS-XML SSM831 Two issues: Delete members not deleting, and HPS0725I messages during compare processes
If the module has the overlay flag on, suppress issuing the message. In the case of an overlay module, having a physical length longer than the length specified in the directory entry does not indicate a problem.
CMS-XML SSM823: MAINT after INTEG required subsequent INTEG (more work to do)
If you do not have the fix in place and you run the $INTEG job (SIMULATE not specified ) and then the $MAINT job (some LEVEL= specified ) repeatedly - both with TRACE specified - you are likely to see that one Delta Master record (a compression/expansion record), whose key looks like x'00xxxx000000000000000000' (xxxx is some value between
CMS-XML Version Manager patch for 8.1.3
PCLI VLOG -bv Does Not Report the Default Label [DEF90649] PCLI VLOG -bv can be used to find out what revision a version label is assigned to. If no label is specified the system should report on the default version label, but it does not --it gives a report showing all version labels on all revisions. This has been fixed.
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