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PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager PCLI User’s Guide and Reference
Alias AF Exit codes 0 Successful command completion -2 PCLI command not found -3 A non-PCLI related error or a command-specific error -6 An invalid argument was specified -7 An argument for a flag that is not needed -8 A missing argument for a flag -9 Wrong type was specified for an option's argument -10 The specified file name cannot be read -11 A required argument is missing -12 A security exception occurred -13 An unknown problem
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager Command-Line Reference Guide
NOTE If readdb is used on the access control database that has an expiration date, makedb cannot read the output of the readdb command. The expiration date in the access.txt file cannot be read by makedb.
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager User’s Guide
NOTE The above option is only available if you are not adding files from the workfile location. If they are already in the workfile location, then you cannot reset either radio button and the label reads Use project's workfile location.
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager Administrator’s Guide
5.3 - 7.5 8 + (split) * n/a n/a These clients cannot be used with the file server so they cannot read split archives. However, you can unsplit the archives to return them to the inflated format.
PDF PVCS Configuration Builder Reference Guide
Special Considerations ■ If you are working on a network and you cannot locate LIS_nnnn.TMP, check to make sure you have file creation, read , and write privileges in your current directory. ■ Do not use local input scripts in conjunction with the -Batch command-line flag, which creates a batch file to execute operation lines.
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager Developer’s Toolkit Reference Guide
fileToConfigure parameter to modify it. 99 PVCS _E_CANT_ READ _VCONFIG_FILE Developer's Toolkit either cannot find or read the file specified by the fileToConfigure parameter. 100 PVCS_E_CANT_WRITE_VCONFIG_FILE Developer's Toolkit cannot write to the file specified by the
HTML Serena PVCS Professional Readme
New in Serena PVCS Professional 10 We encourage you to read the included readme documents that will describe the new capabilities and features included in each of the products, important information on known issues, and links to a list of resolved issues from prior releases.
PDF PVCS Configuration Builder Getting Started Guide
Setting Up the Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Read This Before Continuing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
PDF Serena PVCS Version Manager Command-Line Quick Reference Guide
DeleteMessageFile [No]DeleteMessageFile Delete message files after reading them. DeleteWork DeleteWork NoDeleteWork[No]WriteProtect Delete workfiles after storing them.
HTML PVCS Version Manager 8.2.1
3.4 Serena Business Mashups 統合を使用するために必要な権限 TeamTrack と統合するには、TeamTrack のユーザ権限「システムレポートを実行」が必要です。この権限がない場合は、次のエラーメッセージが表示されます。 Error reading associations (No permission) See the TeamTrack documentation (Serena Business Mashups Administrator Guide).(関連付けの読み取りエラー(権限がありません)。TeamTrack ドキュメント(『Serena Business Mashups 管理者ガイド』)を参照してください。)
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