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PDF Mashup Script Reference
Db AppDb I ScriptId Long Integer I ScriptFileName String I
PDF Mashup Script リファレンス
メソッド • Count():リスト内のアイテム数を返します。 Length () と同じです。 入力:なし 出力:なし Mashup Script リファレンス 63
PDF Serena Dimensions Technical Solution: Using Scripts to Set Up a Dimensions Build Project
You can then use the base build area for all build projects on the machine by giving each Dimensions Build project an offset inside the base build area. Use the CA command in a script to create deployment areas, and use the RAWS command to relate an area to a Dimension project. By doing this, storage management and security should be easier.
PDF Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide 4 expands upon the build scripting process that had long been used to run builds on a local and enterprise-wide level.
PDF Managing Projects
Scripts tell the compiler or development tool what actions to perform. Using Build Types, Build Rules and Scripts , Build Types and Rules can be customized to support any compiler or development tool as long as the compiler or development tool can be executed from the command line.
Note All examples in this document use the long form of the parameters to provide concise scripts . See “Getting Help” on page 41 for information on viewing all parameters available for each command.
HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Readme File
5.8 Collage Contributor Firefox displays this error when a script takes longer to load than is allowed by a specific browser setting. To avoid seeing this error:
HTML Serena ChangeMan Version Manager Readme
4.20 File Server Does Not Resolve Paths in Event Triggers or Custom Tool Definitions third-party applications), you need to provide another form of access for these files (such as a shared directory or a mapped drive). NOTE: Any Version Manager executable used in your event trigger will work fine without a shared directory or mapped drive, as long as the executable itself--and any script containing it--can be found using regular (OS) file access.
PDF Serena ChangeMan Version Manager PCLI User's Guide and Reference
Syntax of PCLI Scripts When writing PCLI scripts—scripts that contain only PCLI commands—you can: * Enter comments in the script by using the pound character (#) as the first character in the line or the # on the same line as the script code as long as the # is separated from the rest of the line by at least one space or tab and is the first character of a word.
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Integration Guide
The <command> element's program attribute defines the location of the tool that will perform the command. It bears repeating that the tool must be located on the host and the agent invoking the tool must have access to it. In the following example, the location of the tool that will perform the command, the scripting tool groovy is being invoked, but any command can be run as long as it is in the path and available.
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