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HTML Serena TeamTrack for ChangeMan ZMF Solution Readme
5.0 Fixed Issues When users incorrectly enter their TSO password on the Package Create, Promote, and Audit functions, they now receive a message indicating a login error.
PDF TeamTrack for ChangeMan Solution Guide Version 6.1.1
You must log in to ChangeMan ZMF and audit the package before performing the Freeze transition. See the Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF User Guide for information on freezing packages.
PDF Serena Asset Manager User's Guide
• Security Check Detail ‐ Lists user account, the zone with a potential security problem, the current security level set for that zone and the recommended level. Auditing ‐ Lists the status of Logon Success/Failure Auditing . • Shares ‐ Lists the number of the share drives detected on the asset.
PDF TeamTrack for ChangeMan ZMF Solution Guide Version 6.5
means the package was not audited before performing the freeze. You must log in to ChangeMan ZMF and audit the package before performing the Freeze transition.
PDF Untitled
The Advanced Views in Mashup Manager allow you to accomplish any of the following tasks: View the Audit Log View the Server Log Create or Edit Bookmarks View the Server Statistics The following topics describe how to work with the Advanced Views in Mashup Manager. About the Audit Log on page 69 About the Server Log on page 70 About Bookmarks on page 70 About Server Statistics on page 70 About the Audit Log
PDF Serena® Mariner® 6.2 Administrator's Guide
18. Select a criterion in the Criteria list and click Up to move the criterion up the list, click Down to move the criterion down the list, or click Delete to remove the criterion from the list. 19. Select the Audit This Transition check box to create an audit log for the transition. 20. When an investment uses the transition and the transition is finished, you can view the transition's audit log in the Log column on the History tab in the Workflow View of the Investments module.
PDF Serena® Mariner® 6.2 User's Guide
Audit logs can be exported to a comma separated values file (.csv). You can use the .csv file to open the audit log in Microsoft® Excel.
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Administrator Guide
AS/400 Communication Agent advanced configurations 212 starting manually 219 stopping 219 ASCII to EBCDIC conversion, OS/390 213 attaching scripts to areas 160, 181 Attachments node, permission to access 94 Audit Permissions 102, 103 Audit Trail approve and delete permissions 104 permission to access 93 authenticated SMTP 67 encoded password 68 authenticating logins 52 authorization list adding groups 146 adding users 146 removing groups 146 removing users 146 user permissions 147 AutoDoc, area property 137 automatic notification, area signoffs 158 B
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse User’s Guide
L library mapping 49 listings 48 listings, viewing 21 lock package for audit 197 log off from ZMF 30 log on to ZMF 28 logoff failed 222 M
PDF Serena ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse 7.1.3 User’s Guide
L library mapping 54 listings 53 listings, viewing 19 lock package for audit 201 log off from ZMF 30 log on to ZMF 28 logoff failed 228 M
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