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HTML Serena Application Release Manager 1.2 Readme File Last updated on 29 April 2010
3.1 Summary of Known Issues in ARM 2.0 (DEF188382) In the CRM Process App, when you transition a change request to the Waiting for Implementation state, you can assign a parent change request using the Change Parent Request field. This field should only allow you to choose from requests that are in the "decomposing" state, however it does not filter properly and displays all available change requests, regardless of the state they are in. You must manually search for requests in the decomposing state.
HTML Serena Release Manager Readme
Known Issues status in Serena Release Manager. This is generally only a problem with small test tasks, and the workaround is to insert a pause or wait in the Serena Release Automation process so that the task doesn't complete too quickly. (DEF217511)
HTML Serena Dimensions CM 12.2 Important Information About this Release
Deyployment Script Enhancement For MVS, the previous behaviour for deployment scripts was fire-and-forget. The new default behaviour is to wait for the script to connect back to Dimensions CM and mark the script as successful or unsuccessful.
PDF Serena ChangeMan DS Administrator Guide
Changing QueryInfo Settings 208 Specifying Wait Between ChangeMan DS Status Checks 208 Maintaining Descriptions on Halted Transfers 208 File Level Configurations 208
PDF ChangeMan ZDD Readme
There is a new setting that allows you specify the time limit, in minutes, to wait for a network request to complete. After this time the request will be automatically cancelled with a time-out error. This new setting can be found on the General tab of the Serena Network properties.
PDF ChangeMan ZDD 7.1.1 Readme
Data set names in the server properties can be specified using wild characters, for example “HLQ.ZMF.*.*.BIN”.  Browse for Open JES Spool Files - You can now browse open SYSOUT files, and monitor job output as it is being written, without even waiting for the job step to end. However, in order to see new lines in a file that is activelybeingwritten,youneed to close the file and reopen it in your text editor or viewer, in order to refresh the contents.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Readme
 Exclusive control of component master - The ChangeMan ZMF initialization processing is changed to wait until exclusive control of the component master LDS is obtained before updates are allowed.
PDF ChangeMan ZMF Patch Release Readme
 Serialization of access to delay file - To prevent abends caused by simultaneous attempts to update the delay file, CMNBATCH and the ZMF startup process are enhanced to require exclusive control of the delay file. If the delay file is busy, ZMF startup and CMNBATCH wait or retry in an orderly fashion that serializes access to the delay file. Behavior changes include:
HTML Serena Application Release Manager 1.2 Readme File Last updated on 29 April 2010
3.0 Known Issues When you use an Oracle database and specify RU Type for an RFC during the transition to the Waiting for Implementation state, a database error occurs
PDF SBM Connector for HP Quality Center Implementation Guide
5 While the QA tester is waiting for the developer to announce that the defect is ready for testing, the Quality Center defect has a status of New, indicating that it is not ready to be tested.
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