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PDF StarTool IOO 3.1.5 Readme
NOTE In StarTool IOO release, the default bufferspace for non-VSAM buffers was changed from 160 KB (with reblocking) and 256 KB (without reblocking) to 384 KB (for both cases). This increase allows IOO to optimize the buffer count for non-VSAM files more fully. (Refer to “Default Bufferspace for Non-VSAM Buffers Is Increased” on page 4.)
Mariner 2008 R3 ReadMe For more information about deployment see the Mariner 2008 Deployment Guide , found in the KB article: .
HTML Release Notes
Installation If this is the first time you have installed Agile on the server, follow the detailed instructions in the Serena Agile Deployment Guide . If you are upgrading from Agile 2009 R3, follow the installation instructions found on KB S137728 If you are upgrading from Agile 2010 R1, follow the procedure below:
HTML Serena Agile Planner Readme
1.1 Installation Overview Performing a migration using tools that don’t match your version can result in database corruption. It is critical that you follow the correct upgrade and migration path. Detailed installation steps for each path can be found on the KB :
HTML Serena Dimensions CM Readme
VRS Data Caching The Dimensions CM administrator can manually pre-cache specific projects, streams, and baselines. For more information, and details of where data cache files are stored, see KB article S141604 .
HTML Serena Project Portfolio Management Readme
2.1 Installation Overview Upgrades from Mariner 6.2 are described in KB S138096 . Upgrades from Mariner 2008 R1, R2, R3, PPM 2009 R1, and PPM 2010 R1 are described in KB S138097 .
PDF Administration Guide
... .............................................. 7 Starting/Stopping the Windows Tomcat KB Server ............................................. ...
PDF StarTool IOO Readme
The default bufferspace for non-VSAM buffers has been changed from 160 KB (with reblocking) and 256 KB (without reblocking) to 384 KB (for both cases). This increase allows IOO to optimize the buffer count for non- VSAM files more fully.
PDF ChangeMan Builder for Dimensions
* The Serena Dimensions Listener Service, Serena License Server, and Openmake KB Server services are all running on the host machine under Windows. To check if these services are started, choose Programs | Control Panels | Administrative Tools | Services. For all services the Status column should read Started.
PDF Managing Projects
Because within an enterprise environment multiple builds are being executed simultaneously, the User can create Build Views to determine which builds should be monitored by their local Build Manager. Unlike Build Logs which are saved by the KB Server, the Build Manager does not save results of a build, but simply reports on the Build Activities as they occur. Once the Build
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